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Cock of the North - Session Three, October 2nd-4th 2015

Division B High Combined Score

5862440422AJill Parker (B1)AGeoff Cooper (B4)
7830502328BRose Kingdom (B6)BLinda Moir (B9)
3821464357BCaroline Elliott (B8)BRose Kingdom (B6)
3820439381AGeoff Cooper (B4)AStany Arnold (B2)
7819467352AJill Parker (B1)AStany Arnold (B2)
6819434385BMaria Marczak (B7)BRose Kingdom (B6)
2806437369AAdrian Bailey (B5)BMargaret Leonard-McGhee (B10)
1768408360AJill Parker (B1)BMargaret Leonard-McGhee (B10)
2768411357BRose Kingdom (B6)AStany Arnold (B2)
5766392374BCaroline Elliott (B8)AAdrian Bailey (B5)
3754378376AAdrian Bailey (B5)BMaria Marczak (B7)
5751402349AStany Arnold (B2)BLinda Moir (B9)
6740374366AStany Arnold (B2)AAdrian Bailey (B5)
5735435300BRose Kingdom (B6)ASyd Berger (B3)
6733453280AJill Parker (B1)BCaroline Elliott (B8)
2729401328AJill Parker (B1)BMaria Marczak (B7)
5724467257BMaria Marczak (B7)BMargaret Leonard-McGhee (B10)
4722400322ASyd Berger (B3)BCaroline Elliott (B8)
3721380341BMargaret Leonard-McGhee (B10)BLinda Moir (B9)
4719389330BRose Kingdom (B6)AJill Parker (B1)
4716365351AStany Arnold (B2)BMaria Marczak (B7)
6716370346BMargaret Leonard-McGhee (B10)ASyd Berger (B3)
6715359356AGeoff Cooper (B4)BLinda Moir (B9)
1711397314ASyd Berger (B3)AAdrian Bailey (B5)
1699387312BLinda Moir (B9)BMaria Marczak (B7)
2698349349BLinda Moir (B9)ASyd Berger (B3)
3697363334ASyd Berger (B3)AJill Parker (B1)
1695366329BRose Kingdom (B6)AGeoff Cooper (B4)
4693404289AGeoff Cooper (B4)BMargaret Leonard-McGhee (B10)
7688416272BMargaret Leonard-McGhee (B10)BCaroline Elliott (B8)
7673343330BMaria Marczak (B7)ASyd Berger (B3)
4665385280AAdrian Bailey (B5)BLinda Moir (B9)
1661364297BCaroline Elliott (B8)AStany Arnold (B2)
7660335325AAdrian Bailey (B5)AGeoff Cooper (B4)
2655364291BCaroline Elliott (B8)AGeoff Cooper (B4)

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