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Cock of the North - Session Three, October 2nd-4th 2015

Division A Round 4 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
14–0+238AAdrienne Berger (A5)2W:439-404:A1replies vs. A6 @1
23–1+187ALen Moir (A6)2W:479-437:A3starts vs. A5 @1
33–1+63BJuliet Green (A12)1W:388-327:A10replies vs. A11 @3
42–2+163AJackie McLeod (A1)1L:404-439:A5replies vs. A7 @2
52–2+79BBarbara Lukey (A11)2W:428-384:A2starts vs. A12 @3
62–2+46BAnn Golding (A7)1W:376-364:A4starts vs. A1 @2
72–2−76AChris Finlay (A3)1L:437-479:A6replies vs. A10 @5
82–2−241BTed Lewis (A10)2L:327-388:A12starts vs. A3 @5
91–3−43AColin Northmore (A2)1L:384-428:A11replies vs. A8 @4
101–3−76ADavid Shenkin (A4)2L:364-376:A7starts vs. A9 @6
111–3−165BMarlene Skinner (A9)1W:367-328:A8replies vs. A4 @6
121–3−175BSteve Balment (A8)2L:328-367:A9starts vs. A2 @4

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