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Cock of the North - Session Three, October 2nd-4th 2015

Division A High Combined Score

7941531410ALen Moir (A6)AJackie McLeod (A1)
4916479437ALen Moir (A6)AChris Finlay (A3)
1869470399ADavid Shenkin (A4)BSteve Balment (A8)
5866466400AColin Northmore (A2)BSteve Balment (A8)
3856480376AAdrienne Berger (A5)AChris Finlay (A3)
5844488356AChris Finlay (A3)BTed Lewis (A10)
4843439404AAdrienne Berger (A5)AJackie McLeod (A1)
6842427415BSteve Balment (A8)BAnn Golding (A7)
2838480358AJackie McLeod (A1)BSteve Balment (A8)
2827469358BAnn Golding (A7)AColin Northmore (A2)
1826421405BTed Lewis (A10)AColin Northmore (A2)
6825433392AJackie McLeod (A1)AChris Finlay (A3)
7825432393AColin Northmore (A2)AChris Finlay (A3)
4812428384BBarbara Lukey (A11)AColin Northmore (A2)
1808433375AChris Finlay (A3)BBarbara Lukey (A11)
7796456340BMarlene Skinner (A9)BJuliet Green (A12)
7776407369BSteve Balment (A8)BTed Lewis (A10)
6775398377BBarbara Lukey (A11)ALen Moir (A6)
6771463308ADavid Shenkin (A4)AColin Northmore (A2)
2771489282ALen Moir (A6)BTed Lewis (A10)
2769410359AAdrienne Berger (A5)BBarbara Lukey (A11)
5762467295AAdrienne Berger (A5)ALen Moir (A6)
3755432323AJackie McLeod (A1)ADavid Shenkin (A4)
3755406349BSteve Balment (A8)BJuliet Green (A12)
1750399351AAdrienne Berger (A5)BMarlene Skinner (A9)
3749380369BTed Lewis (A10)BAnn Golding (A7)
4740376364BAnn Golding (A7)ADavid Shenkin (A4)
5738396342ADavid Shenkin (A4)BMarlene Skinner (A9)
7736369367AAdrienne Berger (A5)ADavid Shenkin (A4)
5732443289AJackie McLeod (A1)BAnn Golding (A7)
6722379343BMarlene Skinner (A9)BTed Lewis (A10)
7719450269BAnn Golding (A7)BBarbara Lukey (A11)
1719376343BJuliet Green (A12)AJackie McLeod (A1)
3716422294AColin Northmore (A2)ALen Moir (A6)
4715388327BJuliet Green (A12)BTed Lewis (A10)
5706391315BBarbara Lukey (A11)BJuliet Green (A12)
1698382316ALen Moir (A6)BAnn Golding (A7)
4695367328BMarlene Skinner (A9)BSteve Balment (A8)
6689373316BJuliet Green (A12)AAdrienne Berger (A5)
3678411267BBarbara Lukey (A11)BMarlene Skinner (A9)
2664338326AChris Finlay (A3)BMarlene Skinner (A9)
2652339313BJuliet Green (A12)ADavid Shenkin (A4)

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