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Cock of the North - Session Two, October 2nd-4th 2015

Division B Low Spreads

74367363AJuliet Green (B4)Maria Marczak (B7)
69387378ATed Lewis (B3)Linda Moir (B9)
215357342AJuliet Green (B4)Margaret Leonard-McGhee (B10)
118370352ATed Lewis (B3)Adrian Bailey (B5)
122366344BLinda Moir (B9)Jill Parker (B2)
626364338AJill Parker (B2)Juliet Green (B4)
332369337BCaroline Elliott (B8)Linda Moir (B9)
333421388AJuliet Green (B4)David Shenkin (B1)
536395359AJill Parker (B2)Caroline Elliott (B8)
436401365ATed Lewis (B3)Juliet Green (B4)
340427387ATed Lewis (B3)Jill Parker (B2)
440440400BCaroline Elliott (B8)Rose Kingdom (B6)
641392351ADavid Shenkin (B1)Maria Marczak (B7)
750374324BRose Kingdom (B6)Ted Lewis (B3)
553396343ADavid Shenkin (B1)Ted Lewis (B3)
654368314BMargaret Leonard-McGhee (B10)Caroline Elliott (B8)
356387331BRose Kingdom (B6)Margaret Leonard-McGhee (B10)
158372314ADavid Shenkin (B1)Margaret Leonard-McGhee (B10)
159326267BMaria Marczak (B7)Caroline Elliott (B8)
559416357BMaria Marczak (B7)Margaret Leonard-McGhee (B10)
765358293AAdrian Bailey (B5)Caroline Elliott (B8)
268370302AJill Parker (B2)Maria Marczak (B7)
275394319ATed Lewis (B3)Caroline Elliott (B8)
476402326BLinda Moir (B9)Maria Marczak (B7)
494401307AAdrian Bailey (B5)Margaret Leonard-McGhee (B10)
6102390288AAdrian Bailey (B5)Rose Kingdom (B6)
2103472369BLinda Moir (B9)Adrian Bailey (B5)
3115431316BMaria Marczak (B7)Adrian Bailey (B5)
4123483360ADavid Shenkin (B1)Jill Parker (B2)
5144437293BRose Kingdom (B6)Linda Moir (B9)
5155451296AJuliet Green (B4)Adrian Bailey (B5)
7162535373ADavid Shenkin (B1)Linda Moir (B9)
7189471282AJill Parker (B2)Margaret Leonard-McGhee (B10)
2225461236ADavid Shenkin (B1)Rose Kingdom (B6)
1232457225AJuliet Green (B4)Rose Kingdom (B6)

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