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Cock of the North - Session Two, October 2nd-4th 2015

Division B Round 1 Alphabetic Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
10Adrian Bailey (B5) repliesTed Lewis (B3) starts
11Caroline Elliott (B8) repliesMaria Marczak (B7) starts
8Juliet Green (B4) startsRose Kingdom (B6) replies
8Rose Kingdom (B6) repliesJuliet Green (B4) starts
7Margaret Leonard-McGhee (B10) startsDavid Shenkin (B1) replies
10Ted Lewis (B3) startsAdrian Bailey (B5) replies
11Maria Marczak (B7) startsCaroline Elliott (B8) replies
9Linda Moir (B9) startsJill Parker (B2) replies
9Jill Parker (B2) repliesLinda Moir (B9) starts
7David Shenkin (B1) repliesMargaret Leonard-McGhee (B10) starts

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