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Cock of the North - Session Two, October 2nd-4th 2015

Division A High Losses

5438463BSteve Balment (A7)Ann Golding (A6)
6427454BGeoff Cooper (A12)Syd Berger (A11)
7411480AJackie McLeod (A1)Steve Balment (A7)
3407478BSteve Balment (A7)Geoff Cooper (A12)
2404410BSyd Berger (A11)Ann Golding (A6)
7398406ALen Moir (A5)Chris Finlay (A3)
7397412AAnn Golding (A6)Colin Northmore (A2)
1397419BMarlene Skinner (A8)Adrienne Berger (A4)
3393410AColin Northmore (A2)Len Moir (A5)
2384412BSteve Balment (A7)Colin Northmore (A2)
5383398BMarlene Skinner (A8)Barbara Lukey (A9)
6379453BStany Arnold (A10)Steve Balment (A7)
5368387BStany Arnold (A10)Geoff Cooper (A12)
5364382AAdrienne Berger (A4)Chris Finlay (A3)
1363417BGeoff Cooper (A12)Colin Northmore (A2)
4362393BSteve Balment (A7)Barbara Lukey (A9)
4360434AAnn Golding (A6)Len Moir (A5)
1357417BStany Arnold (A10)Jackie McLeod (A1)
1356361BSyd Berger (A11)Chris Finlay (A3)
6355362AAdrienne Berger (A4)Len Moir (A5)
6355484BBarbara Lukey (A9)Jackie McLeod (A1)
1350448ALen Moir (A5)Steve Balment (A7)
1347450BBarbara Lukey (A9)Ann Golding (A6)
6346367BMarlene Skinner (A8)Ann Golding (A6)
7346396BBarbara Lukey (A9)Stany Arnold (A10)
5334379ALen Moir (A5)Jackie McLeod (A1)
7333451BGeoff Cooper (A12)Adrienne Berger (A4)
6331518AChris Finlay (A3)Colin Northmore (A2)
4330428AColin Northmore (A2)Adrienne Berger (A4)
2330443BStany Arnold (A10)Adrienne Berger (A4)
2329401BBarbara Lukey (A9)Chris Finlay (A3)
3328437AAdrienne Berger (A4)Jackie McLeod (A1)
3324438BStany Arnold (A10)Marlene Skinner (A8)
4321426BGeoff Cooper (A12)Marlene Skinner (A8)
4319413BStany Arnold (A10)Syd Berger (A11)
3319374BSyd Berger (A11)Barbara Lukey (A9)
4317514AChris Finlay (A3)Jackie McLeod (A1)
5295453BSyd Berger (A11)Colin Northmore (A2)
3288427AAnn Golding (A6)Chris Finlay (A3)
2274403BGeoff Cooper (A12)Len Moir (A5)
7273437BSyd Berger (A11)Marlene Skinner (A8)

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