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The Naim Dangoor Centre, Westminster Academy, 255 Harrow Road, London W2 5EZ
Saturday 30th July 2016

Division A Round 2 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
12–0+324AVince Boyle (A8)2W:446-284:A18starts vs. A14 @5
22–0+311AAustin Shin(GM) (A2)1W:461-371:A12replies vs. A21 @1
32–0+222ADavid Eldar(GM) (A1)1W:488-404:A10replies vs. A17 @2
42–0+156ARafal Dominiczak (A6)2W:444-432:A14replies vs. A12 @7
52–0+134BJames Burley (A11)1W:427-367:A4replies vs. A10 @3
62–0+99CGraham Bonham (A23)1W:488-397:A24replies vs. A4 @4
72–0+43CDavid Shenkin (A21)2W:359-324:A25starts vs. A2 @1
81–1+208ABarry Grossman(Exp) (A9)1W:511-295:A17replies vs. A20 @10
91–1+132BBob Berry (A14)1L:432-444:A6replies vs. A8 @5
101–1+127ASteve Perry (A7)2W:486-351:A16starts vs. A5 @8
111–1+101ASuresh Chinnaiyah (A4)2L:367-427:A11starts vs. A23 @4
121–1+89BPaul Coyle (A10)2L:404-488:A1starts vs. A11 @3
131–1+66BJack Durand (A13)2L:432-501:A3starts vs. A18 @9
141–1−5APaul Allan(GM) (A3)1W:501-432:A13starts vs. A27 @12
151–1−19CLee Graham (A26)1W:440-390:A22replies vs. A19 @14
161–1−21BSandie Simonis(Exp) (A12)2L:371-461:A2starts vs. A6 @7
171–1−78BKevin Synnott (A15)2W:500-440:A5replies vs. A22 @6
171–1−78CAndrew Eames (A18)1L:284-446:A8replies vs. A13 @9
191–1−79CPhil Kelly (A20)1W:387-322:A28starts vs. A9 @10
201–1−95CEvelyn Wallace (A19)2W:441-375:A27starts vs. A26 @14
211–1−142BRachel Bingham (A17)2L:295-511:A9starts vs. A1 @2
220–2−139CPhyllis Fernandez (A28)2L:322-387:A20starts vs. A24 @11
230–2−144ARik Kennedy(Exp) (A5)1L:440-500:A15replies vs. A7 @8
240–2−170CRoger Ordish (A25)1L:324-359:A21replies vs. A16 @13
250–2−210CPriscilla Encarnacion (A27)1L:375-441:A19replies vs. A3 @12
260–2−212CRuth MacInerney (A22)2L:390-440:A26starts vs. A15 @6
270–2−264CNicky Huitson (A24)2L:397-488:A23replies vs. A28 @11
280–2−356BTimothy Lawrence (A16)1L:351-486:A7starts vs. A25 @13

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