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The Naim Dangoor Centre, Westminster Academy, 255 Harrow Road, London W2 5EZ
Saturday 30th July 2016

Division A High Losses

4442448CEvelyn Wallace (A19)Jack Durand (A13)
2440500ARik Kennedy(Exp) (A5)Kevin Synnott (A15)
7438476BRachel Bingham (A17)Ruth MacInerney (A22)
2432501BJack Durand (A13)Paul Allan(GM) (A3)
2432444BBob Berry (A14)Rafal Dominiczak (A6)
3432464CEvelyn Wallace (A19)Lee Graham (A26)
6428465BJack Durand (A13)Sandie Simonis(Exp) (A12)
3427497BRachel Bingham (A17)David Eldar(GM) (A1)
6425428AAustin Shin(GM) (A2)Lee Graham (A26)
1419493APaul Allan(GM) (A3)Rachel Bingham (A17)
5418443BJack Durand (A13)Rafal Dominiczak (A6)
4418446CPhyllis Fernandez (A28)Timothy Lawrence (A16)
5413426CEvelyn Wallace (A19)Barry Grossman(Exp) (A9)
4412470BKevin Synnott (A15)Steve Perry (A7)
3411481ARafal Dominiczak (A6)Sandie Simonis(Exp) (A12)
1411419ASteve Perry (A7)David Shenkin (A21)
4410446BJames Burley (A11)David Shenkin (A21)
6410412CPhil Kelly (A20)James Burley (A11)
7410415CPriscilla Encarnacion (A27)Timothy Lawrence (A16)
4409458ARafal Dominiczak (A6)Vince Boyle (A8)
3408460CNicky Huitson (A24)Phyllis Fernandez (A28)
2404488BPaul Coyle (A10)David Eldar(GM) (A1)
4402508APaul Allan(GM) (A3)Sandie Simonis(Exp) (A12)
4398422BBob Berry (A14)Lee Graham (A26)
7398412BKevin Synnott (A15)Andrew Eames (A18)
5398601CDavid Shenkin (A21)David Eldar(GM) (A1)
6398478CDavid Shenkin (A21)Paul Coyle (A10)
2397488CNicky Huitson (A24)Graham Bonham (A23)
3393465BJames Burley (A11)Paul Coyle (A10)
4393433BRachel Bingham (A17)Roger Ordish (A25)
3391430AAustin Shin(GM) (A2)David Shenkin (A21)
6391410CPhyllis Fernandez (A28)Barry Grossman(Exp) (A9)
2390440CRuth MacInerney (A22)Lee Graham (A26)
7389449BPaul Coyle (A10)Vince Boyle (A8)
5387409BJames Burley (A11)Vince Boyle (A8)
3386415AVince Boyle (A8)Bob Berry (A14)
7385427CDavid Shenkin (A21)Sandie Simonis(Exp) (A12)
1384528CPriscilla Encarnacion (A27)Bob Berry (A14)
1383391ABarry Grossman(Exp) (A9)Graham Bonham (A23)
7383384CPhil Kelly (A20)Graham Bonham (A23)
7383389CRoger Ordish (A25)Nicky Huitson (A24)
6382471CAndrew Eames (A18)Paul Allan(GM) (A3)
3378481CRuth MacInerney (A22)Kevin Synnott (A15)
6377460BKevin Synnott (A15)Suresh Chinnaiyah (A4)
7376379BBob Berry (A14)Suresh Chinnaiyah (A4)
5375431BRachel Bingham (A17)Rik Kennedy(Exp) (A5)
2375441CPriscilla Encarnacion (A27)Evelyn Wallace (A19)
7374418CLee Graham (A26)Rafal Dominiczak (A6)
5373567CNicky Huitson (A24)Priscilla Encarnacion (A27)
6372375ASteve Perry (A7)Rafal Dominiczak (A6)
2371461BSandie Simonis(Exp) (A12)Austin Shin(GM) (A2)
4369417ASuresh Chinnaiyah (A4)Andrew Eames (A18)
2367427ASuresh Chinnaiyah (A4)James Burley (A11)
3367411ASteve Perry (A7)Rik Kennedy(Exp) (A5)
1366450ARik Kennedy(Exp) (A5)Andrew Eames (A18)
3364522CGraham Bonham (A23)Suresh Chinnaiyah (A4)
1363507CPhil Kelly (A20)Rafal Dominiczak (A6)
5362400CAndrew Eames (A18)Phyllis Fernandez (A28)
4361395ABarry Grossman(Exp) (A9)Austin Shin(GM) (A2)
5357479BSandie Simonis(Exp) (A12)Suresh Chinnaiyah (A4)
7354364BJack Durand (A13)Steve Perry (A7)
6354425CRuth MacInerney (A22)Evelyn Wallace (A19)
7354362CPhyllis Fernandez (A28)Evelyn Wallace (A19)
3352358BTimothy Lawrence (A16)Roger Ordish (A25)
2351486BTimothy Lawrence (A16)Steve Perry (A7)
4350531CGraham Bonham (A23)David Eldar(GM) (A1)
7348472AAustin Shin(GM) (A2)David Eldar(GM) (A1)
1346415CLee Graham (A26)Sandie Simonis(Exp) (A12)
5344562CRoger Ordish (A25)Steve Perry (A7)
4343515CPriscilla Encarnacion (A27)Ruth MacInerney (A22)
7340424ABarry Grossman(Exp) (A9)James Burley (A11)
6338476ADavid Eldar(GM) (A1)Vince Boyle (A8)
5338478CPhil Kelly (A20)Paul Allan(GM) (A3)
6338560CGraham Bonham (A23)Rik Kennedy(Exp) (A5)
7336601ARik Kennedy(Exp) (A5)Paul Allan(GM) (A3)
3335429ABarry Grossman(Exp) (A9)Phil Kelly (A20)
1332470BKevin Synnott (A15)David Eldar(GM) (A1)
3328537CAndrew Eames (A18)Jack Durand (A13)
5328436CLee Graham (A26)Paul Coyle (A10)
4325457CNicky Huitson (A24)Rik Kennedy(Exp) (A5)
6325405CRoger Ordish (A25)Bob Berry (A14)
3325520CPriscilla Encarnacion (A27)Paul Allan(GM) (A3)
5324535CGraham Bonham (A23)Bob Berry (A14)
2324359CRoger Ordish (A25)David Shenkin (A21)
2322387CPhyllis Fernandez (A28)Phil Kelly (A20)
1319393CPhyllis Fernandez (A28)James Burley (A11)
1318480CRuth MacInerney (A22)Vince Boyle (A8)
1313474CEvelyn Wallace (A19)Suresh Chinnaiyah (A4)
5309535BKevin Synnott (A15)Austin Shin(GM) (A2)
1297470CNicky Huitson (A24)Paul Coyle (A10)
1295516BTimothy Lawrence (A16)Austin Shin(GM) (A2)
2295511BRachel Bingham (A17)Barry Grossman(Exp) (A9)
6289461BTimothy Lawrence (A16)Nicky Huitson (A24)
2284446CAndrew Eames (A18)Vince Boyle (A8)
6281526CPriscilla Encarnacion (A27)Rachel Bingham (A17)
1270405CRoger Ordish (A25)Jack Durand (A13)
5266561BTimothy Lawrence (A16)Ruth MacInerney (A22)
4225479CPhil Kelly (A20)Paul Coyle (A10)

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