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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Swindon

Division R High Losses

4384401Michael Barnes (R3)Elinor Charleston (R6)
3358413Marion Macaskill (R11)Susan Barnes (R4)
7339399Sylvia Blacklock (R5)Jose Adams (R1)
3326355Kate Goodenough (R9)Jose Adams (R1)
7317320Beryl Fitzgerald (R8)Kate Goodenough (R9)
2316361Gill Higginson (R10)Susan Barnes (R4)
4312326Kate Goodenough (R9)Gill Higginson (R10)
2311358Sylvia Blacklock (R5)Marion Macaskill (R11)
2306359Jose Adams (R1)Elinor Charleston (R6)
6306420Susan Barnes (R4)Elinor Charleston (R6)
3306411Sylvia Blacklock (R5)Gill Higginson (R10)
3304307Ann Dainton (R7)Beryl Fitzgerald (R8)
1300373Beryl Fitzgerald (R8)Michael Barnes (R3)
1298339Gill Higginson (R10)Marion Macaskill (R11)
7297326Sue Alexander (R2)Gill Higginson (R10)
5296360Marion Macaskill (R11)Elinor Charleston (R6)
5295384Michael Barnes (R3)Jose Adams (R1)
6295367Michael Barnes (R3)Marion Macaskill (R11)
5293352Beryl Fitzgerald (R8)Susan Barnes (R4)
2290313Michael Barnes (R3)Ann Dainton (R7)
2289385Sue Alexander (R2)Beryl Fitzgerald (R8)
1288360Susan Barnes (R4)Sylvia Blacklock (R5)
4287369Sue Alexander (R2)Sylvia Blacklock (R5)
4282298Beryl Fitzgerald (R8)Marion Macaskill (R11)
6282294Beryl Fitzgerald (R8)Gill Higginson (R10)
5280287Gill Higginson (R10)Ann Dainton (R7)
4279351Jose Adams (R1)Susan Barnes (R4)
1279388Ann Dainton (R7)Sue Alexander (R2)
6274352Ann Dainton (R7)Jose Adams (R1)
3268355Sue Alexander (R2)Michael Barnes (R3)
5266268Kate Goodenough (R9)Sue Alexander (R2)
7265334Marion Macaskill (R11)Susan Barnes (R4)
6257347Kate Goodenough (R9)Sylvia Blacklock (R5)
1250332Kate Goodenough (R9)Elinor Charleston (R6)

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