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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Swindon

Division R Round 6 Alphabetic Pairings

23Jose Adams (R1) startsAnn Dainton (R7) replies
 Sue Alexander (R2)bye
22Michael Barnes (R3) repliesMarion Macaskill (R11) starts
21Susan Barnes (R4) repliesElinor Charleston (R6) starts
25Sylvia Blacklock (R5) startsKate Goodenough (R9) replies
21Elinor Charleston (R6) startsSusan Barnes (R4) replies
23Ann Dainton (R7) repliesJose Adams (R1) starts
24Beryl Fitzgerald (R8) repliesGill Higginson (R10) starts
25Kate Goodenough (R9) repliesSylvia Blacklock (R5) starts
24Gill Higginson (R10) startsBeryl Fitzgerald (R8) replies
22Marion Macaskill (R11) startsMichael Barnes (R3) replies

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