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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Swindon

Division B High Combined Score

3892475417Hepzi Rodrigues (B10)Evelyn Wansbrough (B13)
5874505369Philip Aston (B2)William Raichura (B15)
2863503360William Raichura (B15)Paul Grimshaw (B6)
4844475369Diana Beasley (B1)Philip Aston (B2)
2839436403Diana Beasley (B1)Margaret Speight (B12)
6833424409Margaret Speight (B12)Tricia Walker (B7)
3814413401Tricia Walker (B7)David Holt (B11)
7804419385Heather Roberts (B8)William Raichura (B15)
4801421380Paul Grimshaw (B6)Margaret Emmott (B14)
5782450332Diana Beasley (B1)Hepzi Rodrigues (B10)
1763398365Evelyn Wansbrough (B13)Maureen Barlow (B4)
6758444314Philip Aston (B2)Paul Grimshaw (B6)
2757396361Hepzi Rodrigues (B10)Maureen Barlow (B4)
2753435318Heather Roberts (B8)Eileen Johnson (B17)
1753387366Hepzi Rodrigues (B10)Pam Sparkes (B9)
5750400350Paul Grimshaw (B6)Evelyn Wansbrough (B13)
3747381366Philip Aston (B2)Philip Turner (B5)
2746428318Philip Aston (B2)Margaret Emmott (B14)
6745386359Eileen Johnson (B17)Joy Wade (B18)
1736379357Paul Grimshaw (B6)Tricia Walker (B7)
4729401328Margaret Speight (B12)Maureen Barlow (B4)
1726451275Philip Aston (B2)Joy Wade (B18)
1723469254Philip Turner (B5)Margaret Emmott (B14)
3722389333Margaret Speight (B12)Eileen Johnson (B17)
6720382338Maureen Barlow (B4)Heather Roberts (B8)
4716366350Hepzi Rodrigues (B10)William Raichura (B15)
4714376338Tricia Walker (B7)Evelyn Wansbrough (B13)
4714416298David Holt (B11)Eileen Johnson (B17)
7711415296Tricia Walker (B7)Maureen Barlow (B4)
7711435276Hepzi Rodrigues (B10)Margaret Speight (B12)
6708401307Diana Beasley (B1)William Raichura (B15)
3708366342Maureen Barlow (B4)Pam Sparkes (B9)
1708356352Margaret Speight (B12)Heather Roberts (B8)
3706361345Paul Grimshaw (B6)Margaret Marshall (B3)
5705377328Margaret Marshall (B3)Maureen Barlow (B4)
4705416289Heather Roberts (B8)Philip Turner (B5)
2704413291Margaret Marshall (B3)David Holt (B11)
5698359339David Holt (B11)Joy Wade (B18)
6696363333David Holt (B11)Evelyn Wansbrough (B13)
4690408282Margaret Marshall (B3)Pam Sparkes (B9)
7690392298Paul Grimshaw (B6)Margaret Marshall (B3)
3689347342Margaret Emmott (B14)Joy Wade (B18)
7688427261Diana Beasley (B1)Philip Aston (B2)
1684382302Diana Beasley (B1)Eileen Johnson (B17)
7683391292Joy Wade (B18)Pam Sparkes (B9)
2671341330Pam Sparkes (B9)Evelyn Wansbrough (B13)
6669343326Hepzi Rodrigues (B10)Margaret Marshall (B3)
5665342323Margaret Speight (B12)Margaret Emmott (B14)
3664350314Diana Beasley (B1)Heather Roberts (B8)
7664389275Margaret Emmott (B14)Eileen Johnson (B17)
5660337323Philip Turner (B5)Tricia Walker (B7)
5656358298Heather Roberts (B8)Pam Sparkes (B9)
7645377268David Holt (B11)Philip Turner (B5)
1643354289William Raichura (B15)David Holt (B11)
6585296289Pam Sparkes (B9)Philip Turner (B5)
2571328243Philip Turner (B5)Joy Wade (B18)

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