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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Swindon

Division B Round 3 Alphabetic Pairings

12Philip Aston (B2) repliesPhilip Turner (B5) starts
17Maureen Barlow (B4) repliesPam Sparkes (B9) starts
15Diana Beasley (B1) repliesHeather Roberts (B8) starts
13Margaret Emmott (B14) repliesJoy Wade (B18) starts
14Paul Grimshaw (B6) startsMargaret Marshall (B3) replies
19David Holt (B11) startsTricia Walker (B7) replies
20Eileen Johnson (B17) repliesMargaret Speight (B12) starts
16Pat Johnson (B16) repliesWilliam Raichura (B15) starts
14Margaret Marshall (B3) repliesPaul Grimshaw (B6) starts
16William Raichura (B15) startsPat Johnson (B16) replies
15Heather Roberts (B8) startsDiana Beasley (B1) replies
18Hepzi Rodrigues (B10) startsEvelyn Wansbrough (B13) replies
17Pam Sparkes (B9) startsMaureen Barlow (B4) replies
20Margaret Speight (B12) startsEileen Johnson (B17) replies
12Philip Turner (B5) startsPhilip Aston (B2) replies
13Joy Wade (B18) startsMargaret Emmott (B14) replies
19Tricia Walker (B7) repliesDavid Holt (B11) starts
18Evelyn Wansbrough (B13) repliesHepzi Rodrigues (B10) starts

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