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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Swindon

Division A Round 5 Ratings

PlayerLast GameNext Game
15–0+343165207+42Andy Becher (A6)2W:472-435:A5starts vs. A1 @2
25–0+298195210+15Harshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)2W:414-331:A4replies vs. A6 @2
34–1+659186183−3Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A2)2W:503-322:A12starts vs. A8 @5
43–2+226173162−11Gareth Williams(GM) (A3)1W:487-316:A16starts vs. A21 @7
53–2+201168180+12Gary Oliver(GM) (A5)1L:435-472:A6starts vs. A12 @3
63–2+170157164+7Bob Lynn (A8)1L:413-476:A15replies vs. A2 @5
73–2−5153170+17Chris Finlay (A12)1L:322-503:A2replies vs. A5 @3
83–2−77155160+5Mike Evans (A10)2W:363-344:A17starts vs. A11 @4
93–2−103148170+22Andrew Eames (A15)2W:476-413:A8starts vs. A19 @9
103–2−160144167+23Richard Spencer (A18)2W:402-335:A13starts vs. A14 @8
112–3+58153144−9Brian Jones (A11)2L:342-387:A19replies vs. A10 @4
122–3+48169149−20John Hardie (A4)1L:331-414:A1starts vs. A16 @1
132–3−1158143−15Rick Blakeway (A7)2W:435-274:A21starts vs. A13 @6
142–3−117148144−4Emma Brown (A16)2L:316-487:A3replies vs. A4 @1
152–3−147142145+3Helen Harding (A19)1W:387-342:A11replies vs. A15 @9
162–3−154156140−16Martin Taylor (A9)1W:424-375:A14starts vs. A20 @10
172–3−172134142+8Ruth MacInerney (A21)1L:274-435:A7replies vs. A3 @7
182–3−187150148−2Graham Harding (A13)1L:335-402:A18replies vs. A7 @6
192–3−216137141+4Joseph Bennett (A20)1W:432-345:A22replies vs. A9 @10
201–4−92149125−24David Shenkin (A14)2L:375-424:A9replies vs. A18 @8
211–4−358132119−13Valerie Nash (A22)2L:345-432:A20starts vs. A17 @11
220–5−214145103−42Paul Cousins (A17)1L:344-363:A10replies vs. A22 @11

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