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Heart of England June 2015

Division D Round 5 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
14–1+424AGillian James (D6)2W:395-336:D11starts vs. D1 @24
24–1+284AStephen Robinson (D1)2W:384-343:D2replies vs. D6 @24
34–1+207BPat Quirke (D11)1L:336-395:D6starts vs. D15 @25
44–1+60BDorothy Jackson (D15)1W:348-327:D4replies vs. D11 @25
53–2+214ABarbara Haggett (D4)2L:327-348:D15replies vs. D8 @28
63–2+61ADerek Turner (D2)1L:343-384:D1replies vs. D5 @26
73–2+57AChristine Bluett (D5)1W:477-368:D3starts vs. D2 @26
83–2+15AAnne Tomlinson (D8)2W:395-251:D14starts vs. D4 @28
93–2−34BErica Warner (D12)2W:365-332:D7replies vs. D3 @30
102–3+71AChristine Cartman (D3)2L:368-477:D5starts vs. D12 @30
112–3−49AKevin Cardno (D7)1L:332-365:D12starts vs. D9 @27
122–3−80BChristine Silvester (D9)1W:389-255:D13replies vs. D7 @27
131–4−128BOlga Robinson (D10)2W:336-285:D16starts vs. D13 @29
141–4−278BClare Boarder (D13)2L:255-389:D9replies vs. D10 @29
151–4−310BKiran Pal (D14)1L:251-395:D8replies vs. D16 @31
160–5−514BTracie Pal (D16)1L:285-336:D10starts vs. D14 @31

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