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Heart of England June 2015

Division D High Losses

1397418AChristine Cartman (D3)Pat Quirke (D11)
7387405AStephen Robinson (D1)Pat Quirke (D11)
7381402AGillian James (D6)Barbara Haggett (D4)
5368477AChristine Cartman (D3)Christine Bluett (D5)
1351420BChristine Silvester (D9)Stephen Robinson (D1)
2347428BErica Warner (D12)Christine Bluett (D5)
1344377AChristine Bluett (D5)Clare Boarder (D13)
5343384ADerek Turner (D2)Stephen Robinson (D1)
1342500BErica Warner (D12)Barbara Haggett (D4)
2340398AAnne Tomlinson (D8)Christine Cartman (D3)
2340386BChristine Silvester (D9)Derek Turner (D2)
4339341AChristine Cartman (D3)Dorothy Jackson (D15)
3337374BClare Boarder (D13)Kevin Cardno (D7)
5336395BPat Quirke (D11)Gillian James (D6)
7334425AChristine Cartman (D3)Derek Turner (D2)
5332365AKevin Cardno (D7)Erica Warner (D12)
3329381BDorothy Jackson (D15)Anne Tomlinson (D8)
3328377ADerek Turner (D2)Barbara Haggett (D4)
5327348ABarbara Haggett (D4)Dorothy Jackson (D15)
7325336AKevin Cardno (D7)Anne Tomlinson (D8)
1324328AGillian James (D6)Dorothy Jackson (D15)
1324367BTracie Pal (D16)Anne Tomlinson (D8)
6323443BErica Warner (D12)Christine Cartman (D3)
4321484BTracie Pal (D16)Erica Warner (D12)
3317462BChristine Silvester (D9)Christine Cartman (D3)
2314403BOlga Robinson (D10)Stephen Robinson (D1)
7314333BKiran Pal (D14)Olga Robinson (D10)
3310439BTracie Pal (D16)Gillian James (D6)
4309364AKevin Cardno (D7)Christine Bluett (D5)
6308336AGillian James (D6)Stephen Robinson (D1)
3307316BOlga Robinson (D10)Erica Warner (D12)
6305333BClare Boarder (D13)Olga Robinson (D10)
2305379BKiran Pal (D14)Gillian James (D6)
2302372BClare Boarder (D13)Barbara Haggett (D4)
6301411BChristine Silvester (D9)Kevin Cardno (D7)
1293328BOlga Robinson (D10)Derek Turner (D2)
7292369BChristine Silvester (D9)Erica Warner (D12)
4291361BClare Boarder (D13)Derek Turner (D2)
3287442AChristine Bluett (D5)Kiran Pal (D14)
7287404BClare Boarder (D13)Tracie Pal (D16)
6286400ABarbara Haggett (D4)Anne Tomlinson (D8)
5285336BTracie Pal (D16)Olga Robinson (D10)
1282369BKiran Pal (D14)Kevin Cardno (D7)
2282410BTracie Pal (D16)Pat Quirke (D11)
7280314BDorothy Jackson (D15)Christine Bluett (D5)
4278320ABarbara Haggett (D4)Pat Quirke (D11)
6275377BDorothy Jackson (D15)Pat Quirke (D11)
4274440AAnne Tomlinson (D8)Gillian James (D6)
6272414ADerek Turner (D2)Christine Bluett (D5)
2268353AKevin Cardno (D7)Dorothy Jackson (D15)
4265311BOlga Robinson (D10)Christine Silvester (D9)
5255389BClare Boarder (D13)Christine Silvester (D9)
5251395BKiran Pal (D14)Anne Tomlinson (D8)
4245405BKiran Pal (D14)Stephen Robinson (D1)
6213301BTracie Pal (D16)Kiran Pal (D14)

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