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Heart of England June 2015

Division C Low Spreads

21369368BChristine Tudge (C7)Geoff Cooper (C2)
62365363APaul Walford (C3)Peter Thorpe (C12)
33427424BKen Lovell (C11)Syd Berger (C9)
110432422BPeter Thorpe (C12)Christine Tudge (C7)
212416404BSyd Berger (C9)Paul Walford (C3)
517359342APaul Walford (C3)Anne Darby (C8)
425357332APaul Walford (C3)Ken Lovell (C11)
427425398BPeter Thorpe (C12)Esther Kaskett (C6)
527443416BPeter Thorpe (C12)Ian Nichol (C4)
328369341BPeter Thorpe (C12)Yvonne McKeon (C1)
528421393BBobbie Penn (C13)Paul Cartman (C10)
229402373BPaul Cartman (C10)Yvonne McKeon (C1)
435410375ADenise Saxton (C5)Yvonne McKeon (C1)
440376336BChristine Tudge (C7)Ian Nichol (C4)
443432389BPaul Cartman (C10)Anne Darby (C8)
746367321AEsther Kaskett (C6)Geoff Cooper (C2)
647430383BBobbie Penn (C13)Christine Tudge (C7)
250426376AEsther Kaskett (C6)Ken Lovell (C11)
758394336APaul Walford (C3)Christine Tudge (C7)
560394334BSyd Berger (C9)Fay Madeley (C14)
663406343BFay Madeley (C14)Yvonne McKeon (C1)
366407341BChristine Tudge (C7)Denise Saxton (C5)
768366298BPaul Cartman (C10)Ian Nichol (C4)
669363294BPaul Cartman (C10)Ken Lovell (C11)
570395325AGeoff Cooper (C2)Yvonne McKeon (C1)
372423351AIan Nichol (C4)Paul Walford (C3)
173410337AIan Nichol (C4)Ken Lovell (C11)
675432357AIan Nichol (C4)Esther Kaskett (C6)
476409333AGeoff Cooper (C2)Fay Madeley (C14)
678425347AGeoff Cooper (C2)Denise Saxton (C5)
379478399BPaul Cartman (C10)Geoff Cooper (C2)
781430349BFay Madeley (C14)Ken Lovell (C11)
183416333BAnne Darby (C8)Geoff Cooper (C2)
193393300ADenise Saxton (C5)Fay Madeley (C14)
294431337BAnne Darby (C8)Fay Madeley (C14)
7111483372BBobbie Penn (C13)Peter Thorpe (C12)
5113406293BKen Lovell (C11)Denise Saxton (C5)
2115415300AIan Nichol (C4)Bobbie Penn (C13)
1117425308AYvonne McKeon (C1)Syd Berger (C9)
1125432307APaul Walford (C3)Paul Cartman (C10)
2127489362BPeter Thorpe (C12)Denise Saxton (C5)
7129439310ADenise Saxton (C5)Syd Berger (C9)
5135460325BChristine Tudge (C7)Esther Kaskett (C6)
4149429280BBobbie Penn (C13)Syd Berger (C9)
7152507355BAnne Darby (C8)Yvonne McKeon (C1)
3183490307AEsther Kaskett (C6)Anne Darby (C8)
6194474280BSyd Berger (C9)Anne Darby (C8)
3245546301BBobbie Penn (C13)Fay Madeley (C14)
1270501231AEsther Kaskett (C6)Bobbie Penn (C13)

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