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Heart of England June 2015

Division C High Combined Score

3877478399BPaul Cartman (C10)AGeoff Cooper (C2)
7862507355BAnne Darby (C8)AYvonne McKeon (C1)
5859443416BPeter Thorpe (C12)AIan Nichol (C4)
7855483372BBobbie Penn (C13)BPeter Thorpe (C12)
1854432422BPeter Thorpe (C12)BChristine Tudge (C7)
3851427424BKen Lovell (C11)BSyd Berger (C9)
2851489362BPeter Thorpe (C12)ADenise Saxton (C5)
3847546301BBobbie Penn (C13)BFay Madeley (C14)
4823425398BPeter Thorpe (C12)AEsther Kaskett (C6)
4821432389BPaul Cartman (C10)BAnne Darby (C8)
2820416404BSyd Berger (C9)APaul Walford (C3)
5814421393BBobbie Penn (C13)BPaul Cartman (C10)
6813430383BBobbie Penn (C13)BChristine Tudge (C7)
2802426376AEsther Kaskett (C6)BKen Lovell (C11)
3797490307AEsther Kaskett (C6)BAnne Darby (C8)
6789432357AIan Nichol (C4)AEsther Kaskett (C6)
4785410375ADenise Saxton (C5)AYvonne McKeon (C1)
5785460325BChristine Tudge (C7)AEsther Kaskett (C6)
7779430349BFay Madeley (C14)BKen Lovell (C11)
2775402373BPaul Cartman (C10)AYvonne McKeon (C1)
3774423351AIan Nichol (C4)APaul Walford (C3)
6772425347AGeoff Cooper (C2)ADenise Saxton (C5)
2768431337BAnne Darby (C8)BFay Madeley (C14)
6754474280BSyd Berger (C9)BAnne Darby (C8)
7749439310ADenise Saxton (C5)BSyd Berger (C9)
1749416333BAnne Darby (C8)AGeoff Cooper (C2)
6749406343BFay Madeley (C14)AYvonne McKeon (C1)
3748407341BChristine Tudge (C7)ADenise Saxton (C5)
1747410337AIan Nichol (C4)BKen Lovell (C11)
4742409333AGeoff Cooper (C2)BFay Madeley (C14)
1739432307APaul Walford (C3)BPaul Cartman (C10)
2737369368BChristine Tudge (C7)AGeoff Cooper (C2)
1733425308AYvonne McKeon (C1)BSyd Berger (C9)
1732501231AEsther Kaskett (C6)BBobbie Penn (C13)
7730394336APaul Walford (C3)BChristine Tudge (C7)
6728365363APaul Walford (C3)BPeter Thorpe (C12)
5728394334BSyd Berger (C9)BFay Madeley (C14)
5720395325AGeoff Cooper (C2)AYvonne McKeon (C1)
2715415300AIan Nichol (C4)BBobbie Penn (C13)
4712376336BChristine Tudge (C7)AIan Nichol (C4)
3710369341BPeter Thorpe (C12)AYvonne McKeon (C1)
4709429280BBobbie Penn (C13)BSyd Berger (C9)
5701359342APaul Walford (C3)BAnne Darby (C8)
5699406293BKen Lovell (C11)ADenise Saxton (C5)
1693393300ADenise Saxton (C5)BFay Madeley (C14)
4689357332APaul Walford (C3)BKen Lovell (C11)
7688367321AEsther Kaskett (C6)AGeoff Cooper (C2)
7664366298BPaul Cartman (C10)AIan Nichol (C4)
6657363294BPaul Cartman (C10)BKen Lovell (C11)

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