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Heart of England June 2015

Division B Low Losses

7265478BBernard Mayhew (B13)Rosalind Wilson (B11)
2271468BBernard Mayhew (B13)Valerie Nash (B5)
5279446BSheila Green (B8)Lois McLeod (B14)
1279396BMinu Anderson (B9)Adrienne Berger (B2)
6281421AKay Powick (B3)Lois McLeod (B14)
5294441BMinu Anderson (B9)Bernard Mayhew (B13)
1296432AMarlene Skinner (B7)Lois McLeod (B14)
6302429BRosalind Wilson (B11)Marlene Skinner (B7)
4304440BLois McLeod (B14)Carol Arthurton (B4)
2306357ADorn Osborne (B6)Lois McLeod (B14)
7307375AKathy Richland (B1)Lois McLeod (B14)
6324381ACarol Arthurton (B4)Valerie Nash (B5)
7326345AValerie Nash (B5)Adrienne Berger (B2)
1330441BBernard Mayhew (B13)Carol Arthurton (B4)
4334351BSteve Balment (B10)Marlene Skinner (B7)
3335339ADorn Osborne (B6)Bernard Mayhew (B13)
7337389AMarlene Skinner (B7)Dorn Osborne (B6)
6338344BSheila Green (B8)Richard Woodward (B12)
1341373ADorn Osborne (B6)Richard Woodward (B12)
2342402BSheila Green (B8)Minu Anderson (B9)
7343367ACarol Arthurton (B4)Minu Anderson (B9)
2346471BRichard Woodward (B12)Carol Arthurton (B4)
3351360AMarlene Skinner (B7)Sheila Green (B8)
7352486AKay Powick (B3)Richard Woodward (B12)
3353376AKathy Richland (B1)Kay Powick (B3)
3359421AAdrienne Berger (B2)Richard Woodward (B12)
2359414BRosalind Wilson (B11)Kathy Richland (B1)
2361372AMarlene Skinner (B7)Adrienne Berger (B2)
6361427BMinu Anderson (B9)Kathy Richland (B1)
5361387BSteve Balment (B10)Rosalind Wilson (B11)
1365470BSheila Green (B8)Kathy Richland (B1)
1367382BRosalind Wilson (B11)Kay Powick (B3)
4370401BRichard Woodward (B12)Minu Anderson (B9)
1374441BSteve Balment (B10)Valerie Nash (B5)
7374378BSteve Balment (B10)Sheila Green (B8)
4376387BBernard Mayhew (B13)Sheila Green (B8)
5377398AKathy Richland (B1)Valerie Nash (B5)
4378384BRosalind Wilson (B11)Dorn Osborne (B6)
5380451ACarol Arthurton (B4)Kay Powick (B3)
2380477BSteve Balment (B10)Kay Powick (B3)
6380389BSteve Balment (B10)Dorn Osborne (B6)
4382430AAdrienne Berger (B2)Kathy Richland (B1)
3382399BRosalind Wilson (B11)Carol Arthurton (B4)
5383394AMarlene Skinner (B7)Richard Woodward (B12)
3387400BLois McLeod (B14)Valerie Nash (B5)
5389433ADorn Osborne (B6)Adrienne Berger (B2)
4404428AValerie Nash (B5)Kay Powick (B3)
6407469BBernard Mayhew (B13)Adrienne Berger (B2)

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