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Heart of England June 2015

Division A Round 2 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
12–0+302ANatalie Zolty (A6)1W:502-356:A16replies vs. A11 @6
22–0+212AJack Anscomb (A4)1W:366-350:A11replies vs. A12 @1
32–0+150BNicky Huitson (A17)1W:469-385:A18replies vs. A1 @2
42–0+137ASteve Perry (A5)2W:422-364:A12starts vs. A18 @5
52–0+86BAsh Coldrick (A10)1W:431-353:A1replies vs. A16 @3
61–1+119ALewis Mackay (A1)2L:353-431:A10starts vs. A17 @2
71–1+118AWayne Kelly (A2)2W:465-291:A9starts vs. A15 @7
81–1−2BPaul (Tranmere) Thomson (A12)1L:364-422:A5starts vs. A4 @1
91–1−4AAndrew Roughton (A7)1W:447-357:A15starts vs. A3 @4
101–1−6ARobert Richland (A3)1W:392-388:A13replies vs. A7 @4
101–1−6BDonna Stanton (A11)2L:350-366:A4starts vs. A6 @6
121–1−52BLoz Crouch (A16)2L:356-502:A6starts vs. A10 @3
131–1−63AGerard Fox (A8)2W:378-375:A14replies vs. A13 @8
140–2−82BAndrew Eames (A14)1L:375-378:A8starts vs. A9 @9
150–2−92BAlison Sadler (A18)2L:385-469:A17replies vs. A5 @5
160–2−200BFeroza Bartlett (A13)2L:388-392:A3starts vs. A8 @8
170–2−246BMick Healy (A15)2L:357-447:A7replies vs. A2 @7
180–2−371BRick Blakeway (A9)1L:291-465:A2replies vs. A14 @9

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