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Heart of England June 2015

Division A Low Losses

6231460BPaul (Tranmere) Thomson (A12)Gerard Fox (A8)
5249515BMick Healy (A15)Rick Blakeway (A9)
5257408BNicky Huitson (A17)Paul (Tranmere) Thomson (A12)
2291465BRick Blakeway (A9)Wayne Kelly (A2)
7296516AGerard Fox (A8)Natalie Zolty (A6)
1298454BMick Healy (A15)Natalie Zolty (A6)
4318566BNicky Huitson (A17)Wayne Kelly (A2)
3321501BPaul (Tranmere) Thomson (A12)Jack Anscomb (A4)
6339401AJack Anscomb (A4)Andrew Eames (A14)
4339443BMick Healy (A15)Andrew Eames (A14)
7346531AAndrew Roughton (A7)Jack Anscomb (A4)
3347427AWayne Kelly (A2)Mick Healy (A15)
3347421BAlison Sadler (A18)Steve Perry (A5)
4348498ARobert Richland (A3)Lewis Mackay (A1)
4348502BLoz Crouch (A16)Paul (Tranmere) Thomson (A12)
2350366BDonna Stanton (A11)Jack Anscomb (A4)
6350497BFeroza Bartlett (A13)Nicky Huitson (A17)
6351488BLoz Crouch (A16)Rick Blakeway (A9)
2353431ALewis Mackay (A1)Ash Coldrick (A10)
3353398AAndrew Roughton (A7)Robert Richland (A3)
4354419AAndrew Roughton (A7)Feroza Bartlett (A13)
7354478BFeroza Bartlett (A13)Paul (Tranmere) Thomson (A12)
2356502BLoz Crouch (A16)Natalie Zolty (A6)
2357447BMick Healy (A15)Andrew Roughton (A7)
1357365BAlison Sadler (A18)Ash Coldrick (A10)
5358454AJack Anscomb (A4)Lewis Mackay (A1)
6358489AAndrew Roughton (A7)Donna Stanton (A11)
1358437BAndrew Eames (A14)Steve Perry (A5)
1360426AGerard Fox (A8)Nicky Huitson (A17)
3363386BLoz Crouch (A16)Ash Coldrick (A10)
7364421BRick Blakeway (A9)Donna Stanton (A11)
2364422BPaul (Tranmere) Thomson (A12)Steve Perry (A5)
5364574BLoz Crouch (A16)Donna Stanton (A11)
6366431ASteve Perry (A5)Ash Coldrick (A10)
5372383BAlison Sadler (A18)Andrew Roughton (A7)
2375378BAndrew Eames (A14)Gerard Fox (A8)
7376400BAndrew Eames (A14)Ash Coldrick (A10)
1377433AWayne Kelly (A2)Paul (Tranmere) Thomson (A12)
1382579BRick Blakeway (A9)Lewis Mackay (A1)
5383399BFeroza Bartlett (A13)Andrew Eames (A14)
6384479ARobert Richland (A3)Wayne Kelly (A2)
3384442BRick Blakeway (A9)Andrew Eames (A14)
2385469BAlison Sadler (A18)Nicky Huitson (A17)
5386456ARobert Richland (A3)Gerard Fox (A8)
2388392BFeroza Bartlett (A13)Robert Richland (A3)
5390463ASteve Perry (A5)Natalie Zolty (A6)
1392486AAndrew Roughton (A7)Loz Crouch (A16)
6393435ANatalie Zolty (A6)Lewis Mackay (A1)
7395400BLoz Crouch (A16)Mick Healy (A15)
4399534AJack Anscomb (A4)Steve Perry (A5)
3404438BDonna Stanton (A11)Natalie Zolty (A6)
7407425AWayne Kelly (A2)Alison Sadler (A18)
3408469AGerard Fox (A8)Feroza Bartlett (A13)
1411607BFeroza Bartlett (A13)Jack Anscomb (A4)
6416471BMick Healy (A15)Alison Sadler (A18)
4422500BDonna Stanton (A11)Gerard Fox (A8)
5426444AWayne Kelly (A2)Ash Coldrick (A10)
7433466BNicky Huitson (A17)Robert Richland (A3)
7437539ASteve Perry (A5)Lewis Mackay (A1)
1439449ARobert Richland (A3)Donna Stanton (A11)
4467507BAsh Coldrick (A10)Natalie Zolty (A6)
3468660BNicky Huitson (A17)Lewis Mackay (A1)
4474508BRick Blakeway (A9)Alison Sadler (A18)

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