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This section contains games played at events which did not have live web coverage. Any players from any division are welcome to submit games for inclusion on the site. The preferred format is .gcg file of the kind output by Quackle but otherwise any text file listing both sets of racks, with moves and grid references will suffice.

Date Event Round Players Play Through .gcg file download
21 July 2007 Inverness 3 Ray Tate Lorraine Gordon Play Through Download
21 July 2007 Aylesbury 4 Austin Shin Stewart Holden Play Through Download
27 October 2007 Lincoln Round Robin 8 Martin Harrison Stewart Holden Play Through Download
21 February 2008 Mapperley SC 1 Russell Byers Stewart Holden Play Through Download
24 March 2008 Easter Matchplay 19 Stewart Holden David Webb Play Through Download
8 November 2009 Irish Championship 13 Stewart Holden Kevin McMahon Play Through Download
5 September 2010 Friendly 1 Stewart Holden Rik Kennedy Play Through Download