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Sheffield, Sunday 9th February 2014

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Division B Round 7 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
16–1+425Anlaug Frydenlund (B6)1W:375-336:B10
26–1+303Adrienne Berger (B2)1W:404-370:B4
34–3+106Marlene Skinner (B3)2W:402-359:B9
44–3+80Syd Berger (B4)2L:370-404:B2
53–4+105Ted Lewis (B1)1W:413-313:B7
63–4+37Caroline Elliott (B10)2L:336-375:B6
73–4−112Remie Bellamy (B8)2W:399-338:B5
83–4−247Linda Moir (B7)2L:313-413:B1
92–5−251Barbara Lukey (B5)1L:338-399:B8
101–6−446Rosina Cornelius (B9)1L:359-402:B3

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