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Sheffield, Sunday 9th February 2014

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Division B Low Spreads

41392391Adrienne Berger (B2)Marlene Skinner (B3)
44391387Barbara Lukey (B5)Syd Berger (B4)
412378366Linda Moir (B7)Remie Bellamy (B8)
614444430Syd Berger (B4)Anlaug Frydenlund (B6)
522375353Linda Moir (B7)Rosina Cornelius (B9)
431368337Anlaug Frydenlund (B6)Ted Lewis (B1)
734404370Adrienne Berger (B2)Syd Berger (B4)
339349310Adrienne Berger (B2)Ted Lewis (B1)
739375336Anlaug Frydenlund (B6)Caroline Elliott (B10)
743402359Marlene Skinner (B3)Rosina Cornelius (B9)
548391343Syd Berger (B4)Ted Lewis (B1)
158399341Marlene Skinner (B3)Linda Moir (B7)
358415357Remie Bellamy (B8)Marlene Skinner (B3)
260396336Marlene Skinner (B3)Caroline Elliott (B10)
761399338Remie Bellamy (B8)Barbara Lukey (B5)
268389321Syd Berger (B4)Rosina Cornelius (B9)
275425350Anlaug Frydenlund (B6)Adrienne Berger (B2)
575443368Caroline Elliott (B10)Barbara Lukey (B5)
378411333Syd Berger (B4)Caroline Elliott (B10)
179366287Adrienne Berger (B2)Caroline Elliott (B10)
579478399Adrienne Berger (B2)Remie Bellamy (B8)
187401314Anlaug Frydenlund (B6)Barbara Lukey (B5)
190440350Remie Bellamy (B8)Syd Berger (B4)
193443350Ted Lewis (B1)Rosina Cornelius (B9)
696443347Rosina Cornelius (B9)Remie Bellamy (B8)
7100413313Ted Lewis (B1)Linda Moir (B7)
3103392289Anlaug Frydenlund (B6)Linda Moir (B7)
5104448344Anlaug Frydenlund (B6)Marlene Skinner (B3)
6104420316Caroline Elliott (B10)Ted Lewis (B1)
6108403295Marlene Skinner (B3)Barbara Lukey (B5)
4114403289Caroline Elliott (B10)Rosina Cornelius (B9)
2126443317Linda Moir (B7)Barbara Lukey (B5)
2134454320Ted Lewis (B1)Remie Bellamy (B8)
6146479333Adrienne Berger (B2)Linda Moir (B7)
3202499297Barbara Lukey (B5)Rosina Cornelius (B9)

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