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Sheffield, Sunday 9th February 2014

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Division A Low Losses

5260547Liz Barber (A9)Geoff Cooper (A8)
6278527Len Moir (A6)Rik Kennedy (A1)
1291545Steve Balment (A10)Rik Kennedy (A1)
2293428Liz Barber (A9)Jayne MacKenzie (A5)
1305469Liz Barber (A9)Steve Perry (A2)
1309462Geoff Cooper (A8)Jackie McLeod (A3)
3327485Jackie McLeod (A3)Rik Kennedy (A1)
4328433David Shenkin (A7)Rik Kennedy (A1)
1331451Jayne MacKenzie (A5)David Shenkin (A7)
7335417Geoff Cooper (A8)Victoria Kingham (A4)
7339473Steve Balment (A10)Len Moir (A6)
6340478David Shenkin (A7)Jackie McLeod (A3)
1343356Victoria Kingham (A4)Len Moir (A6)
4344501Len Moir (A6)Steve Perry (A2)
4344384Liz Barber (A9)Jackie McLeod (A3)
5346479Jayne MacKenzie (A5)Len Moir (A6)
6356426Victoria Kingham (A4)Liz Barber (A9)
7357457Jayne MacKenzie (A5)Rik Kennedy (A1)
4358480Victoria Kingham (A4)Jayne MacKenzie (A5)
3361376Jayne MacKenzie (A5)Geoff Cooper (A8)
5362365Victoria Kingham (A4)Jackie McLeod (A3)
3366415Len Moir (A6)David Shenkin (A7)
3368441Victoria Kingham (A4)Steve Perry (A2)
6370508Jayne MacKenzie (A5)Steve Balment (A10)
2373438Steve Perry (A2)David Shenkin (A7)
7374404Liz Barber (A9)David Shenkin (A7)
2376461Geoff Cooper (A8)Rik Kennedy (A1)
5377451Steve Perry (A2)Rik Kennedy (A1)
4379439Geoff Cooper (A8)Steve Balment (A10)
2382462Steve Balment (A10)Victoria Kingham (A4)
6384436Geoff Cooper (A8)Steve Perry (A2)
5397431Steve Balment (A10)David Shenkin (A7)
3406505Liz Barber (A9)Steve Balment (A10)
2423437Jackie McLeod (A3)Len Moir (A6)
7430488Jackie McLeod (A3)Steve Perry (A2)

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