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Sheffield, Sunday 9th February 2014

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Division A Round 6 Alphabetic Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
5Steve Balment (A10) startsJayne MacKenzie (A5) replies
3Liz Barber (A9) startsVictoria Kingham (A4) replies
1Geoff Cooper (A8) startsSteve Perry (A2) replies
2Rik Kennedy (A1) startsLen Moir (A6) replies
3Victoria Kingham (A4) repliesLiz Barber (A9) starts
5Jayne MacKenzie (A5) repliesSteve Balment (A10) starts
4Jackie McLeod (A3) startsDavid Shenkin (A7) replies
2Len Moir (A6) repliesRik Kennedy (A1) starts
1Steve Perry (A2) repliesGeoff Cooper (A8) starts
4David Shenkin (A7) repliesJackie McLeod (A3) starts

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