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Cock of the North 2011
Quality Hotel, Coventry
7-9 October 2011

Division B High Total Scores

1917715.0- 7.0+1075ASue Bowman (B3)
2878413.0- 9.0+544AGeoff Cooper (B6)
3878014.0- 8.0+411ANicky Huitson (B2)
4861414.0- 8.0+463BBreda O'Brien (B7)
5853411.0-11.0+129BValerie Morris (B11)
6853113.0- 9.0+478ABarbara Goodban (B4)
7838614.0- 8.0+454ATed Lewis (B5)
88305 9.0-13.0-392BFay Madeley (B8)
9816513.0- 9.0+210ARowan Callaghan (B1)
107804 7.0-15.0-1029BAnne Darby (B9)
117725 3.0-19.0-1249BLinda Moir (B12)
127418 6.0-16.0-1094BCaroline Elliott (B10)

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