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Cock of the North 2011
Quality Hotel, Coventry
7-9 October 2011

Division B Low Losses

5207527BValerie Morris (B11)Sue Bowman (B3)
10254320BCaroline Elliott (B10)Rowan Callaghan (B1)
3255440BCaroline Elliott (B10)Breda O'Brien (B7)
16261478BCaroline Elliott (B10)Barbara Goodban (B4)
12265366BAnne Darby (B9)Nicky Huitson (B2)
14271399ASue Bowman (B3)Geoff Cooper (B6)
21271392BCaroline Elliott (B10)Rowan Callaghan (B1)
11276431BCaroline Elliott (B10)Valerie Morris (B11)
22286359BCaroline Elliott (B10)Valerie Morris (B11)
8288461AGeoff Cooper (B6)Barbara Goodban (B4)
17291495ANicky Huitson (B2)Geoff Cooper (B6)
14293353BLinda Moir (B12)Anne Darby (B9)
7294494ARowan Callaghan (B1)Nicky Huitson (B2)
11294490BAnne Darby (B9)Fay Madeley (B8)
17299401ABarbara Goodban (B4)Rowan Callaghan (B1)
6299518BAnne Darby (B9)Valerie Morris (B11)
1301424ARowan Callaghan (B1)Ted Lewis (B5)
17302384BCaroline Elliott (B10)Ted Lewis (B5)
4303342ANicky Huitson (B2)Ted Lewis (B5)
5306466BCaroline Elliott (B10)Barbara Goodban (B4)

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