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Cock of the North 2011
Quality Hotel, Coventry
7-9 October 2011

Division A Round 5 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerNext Game
15–0+545Alastair Richards (A2)A1
25–0+365Kay McColgan (A6)A5
34–1+433Wayne Kelly (A1)A2
44–1+195Steve Perry (A5)A6
53–2+98Karen Richards (A4)A3
63–2−113Anne Ashmore (A8)A7
72–3+84Jill Parker (A13)A14
82–3+68John Ashmore (A3)A4
92–3−167Bartosz Pieta (A7)A8
102–3−302Eileen Meghen (A11)A12
112–3−479Ginny Dixon (A14)A13
121–4−172Martin Leverton (A10)A9
130–5−182Len Moir (A12)A11
140–5−373Mary Allen (A9)A10

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