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UK Open (Coventry, 5th - 9th January 2009)

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The UK Open tournament is the largest prize money tournament in the history of British Scrabble. Players taking part include current World Champion Nigel Richards, who has flown over from Malaysia especially for the event, alongside a wide range of ABSP Grandmasters and Experts.

The tournament comprises a gruelling 38 games played over 5 days in the Aston Court Hotel in Coventry. The link(s) above will take you to tournament reports showing the standings and other information, updated regularly throughout the week.

There are also three lower-rated divisions (B, C, D) which are playing 38 games over the five days using a 'twin round robin' format.

Round Game Players Play Through .gcg file download
1 1 Ray Tate Allan Simmons Play Through Download

Aston Court Hotel