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10th UK Open, 6-8 January 2017

Flyers for the 2018 UK Open! Warm Up and Main Event

Division C Rating Upsets

42801229346329BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Marlene Skinner (C3)
428012222403259BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Syd Berger (C4)
428012224344332BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Marlene Skinner (C3)
358712223430295BAlison Holmes (C15)Marlene Skinner (C3)
35801154384353BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
33871205374326BAlison Holmes (C15)Mary Doyle (C6)
328011212397391BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Brigitte Brath (C10)
328011227365346BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Brigitte Brath (C10)
318011128438290BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
298711612365355BAlison Holmes (C15)Stany Arnold (C8)
288711526425310BAlison Holmes (C15)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
241041284414368BAngela Brodie (C13)Ann Golding (C1)
248010417466335BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Angela Brodie (C13)
2210412610389288BAngela Brodie (C13)Ted Lewis (C2)
218710829351342BAlison Holmes (C15)Hannah Kingston (C12)
201081285402299BHannah Kingston (C12)Ann Golding (C1)
20971174432364BCaroline Elliott (C14)Caroline McLaughlin (C7)
209711719390306BCaroline Elliott (C14)Caroline McLaughlin (C7)
181041227459294BAngela Brodie (C13)Marlene Skinner (C3)
1810412222357344BAngela Brodie (C13)Marlene Skinner (C3)
189711513356350BCaroline Elliott (C14)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
178710428363351BAlison Holmes (C15)Angela Brodie (C13)
17809714378312BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Caroline Elliott (C14)
17809729363264BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Caroline Elliott (C14)
161121287429327BBrigitte Brath (C10)Ann Golding (C1)
1611212822392353BBrigitte Brath (C10)Ann Golding (C1)
1610412012356327BAngela Brodie (C13)Mary Doyle (C6)
151111265488333BSumbul Siddiqui (C11)Ted Lewis (C2)
1511112620388291BSumbul Siddiqui (C11)Ted Lewis (C2)
1411212626373344BBrigitte Brath (C10)Ted Lewis (C2)
1410812211356318BHannah Kingston (C12)Marlene Skinner (C3)
1410812224395322BHannah Kingston (C12)Syd Berger (C4)
14971112431307BCaroline Elliott (C14)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
1211612824390378AStany Arnold (C8)Ann Golding (C1)
121081204401398BHannah Kingston (C12)Peter Thorpe (C5)
1210812023422403BHannah Kingston (C12)Mary Doyle (C6)
1210411618355334BAngela Brodie (C13)Stany Arnold (C8)
1111712810378366ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Ann Golding (C1)
1111712825486331ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Ann Golding (C1)
1111512612433283BArnold Appelhof (C9)Ted Lewis (C2)
1111112225403385BSumbul Siddiqui (C11)Marlene Skinner (C3)
119710812382318BCaroline Elliott (C14)Hannah Kingston (C12)
1011612619410304AStany Arnold (C8)Ted Lewis (C2)
101121226380358BBrigitte Brath (C10)Syd Berger (C4)
1011212221393370BBrigitte Brath (C10)Syd Berger (C4)
1087971370296BAlison Holmes (C15)Caroline Elliott (C14)
91171263408382ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Ted Lewis (C2)
812012812345344APeter Thorpe (C5)Ann Golding (C1)
811212013356327BBrigitte Brath (C10)Peter Thorpe (C5)
811212024417288BBrigitte Brath (C10)Mary Doyle (C6)
811212028492289BBrigitte Brath (C10)Peter Thorpe (C5)
81081167474357BHannah Kingston (C12)Stany Arnold (C8)
810811622407285BHannah Kingston (C12)Stany Arnold (C8)
810411214417367BAngela Brodie (C13)Brigitte Brath (C10)
71151223450338BArnold Appelhof (C9)Syd Berger (C4)
710811517403326BHannah Kingston (C12)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
7808730442306BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Alison Holmes (C15)
612212829505331AMarlene Skinner (C3)Ann Golding (C1)
612012613448311AMary Doyle (C6)Ted Lewis (C2)
612012628368325AMary Doyle (C6)Ted Lewis (C2)
511712212417331ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Marlene Skinner (C3)
511712227344292ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Marlene Skinner (C3)
511512014413367BArnold Appelhof (C9)Mary Doyle (C6)
511512029405327BArnold Appelhof (C9)Mary Doyle (C6)
511211717457287BBrigitte Brath (C10)Caroline McLaughlin (C7)
511111614428287BSumbul Siddiqui (C11)Stany Arnold (C8)
41221261385336AMarlene Skinner (C3)Ted Lewis (C2)
412212617419349ASyd Berger (C4)Ted Lewis (C2)
411612021453337AStany Arnold (C8)Mary Doyle (C6)
31171201433356ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Mary Doyle (C6)
311712016386364ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Mary Doyle (C6)
311712020416369ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Peter Thorpe (C5)
311211530326321BBrigitte Brath (C10)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
310811115386329BHannah Kingston (C12)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
21201221368359APeter Thorpe (C5)Syd Berger (C4)
212012218488372APeter Thorpe (C5)Marlene Skinner (C3)
21201222454386AMary Doyle (C6)Marlene Skinner (C3)
21201224553302AMary Doyle (C6)Syd Berger (C4)
212012217401399AMary Doyle (C6)Marlene Skinner (C3)
212012219396395AMary Doyle (C6)Syd Berger (C4)
11151161390356BArnold Appelhof (C9)Stany Arnold (C8)
111511616369343BArnold Appelhof (C9)Stany Arnold (C8)
111111216426338BSumbul Siddiqui (C11)Brigitte Brath (C10)

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