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10th UK Open, 6-8 January 2017

Flyers for the 2018 UK Open! Warm Up and Main Event

Division C High Spreads

20307517210AMary Doyle (C6)Alison Holmes (C15)
4251553302AMary Doyle (C6)Syd Berger (C4)
11249492243ATed Lewis (C2)Brigitte Brath (C10)
15213487274ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Stany Arnold (C8)
1212483271AAnn Golding (C1)Kwun_Shing Lau (C16)
28203492289BBrigitte Brath (C10)Peter Thorpe (C5)
11201473272APeter Thorpe (C5)Caroline Elliott (C14)
21200478278APeter Thorpe (C5)Kwun_Shing Lau (C16)
2197450253ATed Lewis (C2)Syd Berger (C4)
27191496305AStany Arnold (C8)Alison Holmes (C15)
7190512322APeter Thorpe (C5)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
14182504322AAnn Golding (C1)Marlene Skinner (C3)
6180476296APeter Thorpe (C5)Kwun_Shing Lau (C16)
29174505331AMarlene Skinner (C3)Ann Golding (C1)
24172501329APeter Thorpe (C5)Alison Holmes (C15)
17170457287BBrigitte Brath (C10)Caroline McLaughlin (C7)
13168445277AAnn Golding (C1)Syd Berger (C4)
8168455287ATed Lewis (C2)Kwun_Shing Lau (C16)
30167463296ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Stany Arnold (C8)
16166478312AAnn Golding (C1)Kwun_Shing Lau (C16)
18165422257ATed Lewis (C2)Caroline McLaughlin (C7)
7165459294BAngela Brodie (C13)Marlene Skinner (C3)
18164421257BBrigitte Brath (C10)Alison Holmes (C15)
18162422260AAnn Golding (C1)Caroline Elliott (C14)
10162460298AMarlene Skinner (C3)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
5158452294AStany Arnold (C8)Kwun_Shing Lau (C16)
20155452297AMarlene Skinner (C3)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
25155486331ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Ann Golding (C1)
5155488333BSumbul Siddiqui (C11)Ted Lewis (C2)
12150433283BArnold Appelhof (C9)Ted Lewis (C2)
28148438290BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
5147476329APeter Thorpe (C5)Caroline McLaughlin (C7)
22144403259BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Syd Berger (C4)
21142431289ATed Lewis (C2)Hannah Kingston (C12)
14141428287BSumbul Siddiqui (C11)Stany Arnold (C8)
8140393253ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
15140438298BAngela Brodie (C13)Caroline Elliott (C14)
25139436297AMary Doyle (C6)Kwun_Shing Lau (C16)
19139453314BArnold Appelhof (C9)Kwun_Shing Lau (C16)
23138537399ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
13137448311AMary Doyle (C6)Ted Lewis (C2)
30136442306BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Alison Holmes (C15)
19135450315BSumbul Siddiqui (C11)Alison Holmes (C15)
23135430295BAlison Holmes (C15)Marlene Skinner (C3)
20134407273BBrigitte Brath (C10)Caroline Elliott (C14)
2133485352ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Brigitte Brath (C10)
17131466335BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Angela Brodie (C13)
24130436306ATed Lewis (C2)Caroline Elliott (C14)
26130481351BSumbul Siddiqui (C11)Angela Brodie (C13)
23129448319ATed Lewis (C2)Kwun_Shing Lau (C16)
24129417288BBrigitte Brath (C10)Mary Doyle (C6)
4125511386BSumbul Siddiqui (C11)Alison Holmes (C15)
30125443318BAngela Brodie (C13)Caroline Elliott (C14)
2124431307BCaroline Elliott (C14)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
22122407285BHannah Kingston (C12)Stany Arnold (C8)
28120463343AAnn Golding (C1)Syd Berger (C4)
8119449330AStany Arnold (C8)Brigitte Brath (C10)
23118392274ASyd Berger (C4)Caroline Elliott (C14)
10118431313AStany Arnold (C8)Caroline Elliott (C14)
29118445327AStany Arnold (C8)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
7117474357BHannah Kingston (C12)Stany Arnold (C8)
3116416300AAnn Golding (C1)Caroline Elliott (C14)
18116488372APeter Thorpe (C5)Marlene Skinner (C3)
21116453337AStany Arnold (C8)Mary Doyle (C6)
1116470354BBrigitte Brath (C10)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
11115438323AAnn Golding (C1)Mary Doyle (C6)
25115408293AStany Arnold (C8)Caroline Elliott (C14)
26115425310BAlison Holmes (C15)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
24114435321ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Angela Brodie (C13)
9112415303ASyd Berger (C4)Hannah Kingston (C12)
3112450338BArnold Appelhof (C9)Syd Berger (C4)
5107372265BBrigitte Brath (C10)Caroline Elliott (C14)
13107459352BSumbul Siddiqui (C11)Kwun_Shing Lau (C16)
19106462356APeter Thorpe (C5)Hannah Kingston (C12)
19106410304AStany Arnold (C8)Ted Lewis (C2)
5103402299BHannah Kingston (C12)Ann Golding (C1)
7102429327BBrigitte Brath (C10)Ann Golding (C1)
10101389288BAngela Brodie (C13)Ted Lewis (C2)
26100459359APeter Thorpe (C5)Caroline Elliott (C14)
1499408309ASyd Berger (C4)Caroline McLaughlin (C7)
2999363264BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Caroline Elliott (C14)
2097388291BSumbul Siddiqui (C11)Ted Lewis (C2)
996437341ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Angela Brodie (C13)
1196403307BArnold Appelhof (C9)Alison Holmes (C15)
2595501406APeter Thorpe (C5)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
395429334BHannah Kingston (C12)Kwun_Shing Lau (C16)
1894444350AMary Doyle (C6)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
1893404311ASyd Berger (C4)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
2290507417APeter Thorpe (C5)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
789418329AMary Doyle (C6)Caroline Elliott (C14)
689417328ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Alison Holmes (C15)
1389438349BAngela Brodie (C13)Alison Holmes (C15)
2888456368AMarlene Skinner (C3)Stany Arnold (C8)
1688426338BSumbul Siddiqui (C11)Brigitte Brath (C10)
987387300BArnold Appelhof (C9)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
886410324APeter Thorpe (C5)Angela Brodie (C13)
1286417331ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Marlene Skinner (C3)
1484438354ATed Lewis (C2)Peter Thorpe (C5)
1984390306BCaroline Elliott (C14)Caroline McLaughlin (C7)
2281378297ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
2081433352AStany Arnold (C8)Kwun_Shing Lau (C16)
181404323BHannah Kingston (C12)Angela Brodie (C13)
1578445367BArnold Appelhof (C9)Brigitte Brath (C10)
2978405327BArnold Appelhof (C9)Mary Doyle (C6)
877430353ASyd Berger (C4)Caroline Elliott (C14)
177433356ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Mary Doyle (C6)
1777403326BHannah Kingston (C12)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
2276445369ATed Lewis (C2)Alison Holmes (C15)
2674361287ASyd Berger (C4)Stany Arnold (C8)
2174444370ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Alison Holmes (C15)
174370296BAlison Holmes (C15)Caroline Elliott (C14)
2773415342ATed Lewis (C2)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
2473395322BHannah Kingston (C12)Syd Berger (C4)
272365293AAnn Golding (C1)Alison Holmes (C15)
2771379308AAnn Golding (C1)Peter Thorpe (C5)
1770419349ASyd Berger (C4)Ted Lewis (C2)
2669460391ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Kwun_Shing Lau (C16)
1268421353ASyd Berger (C4)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
268454386AMary Doyle (C6)Marlene Skinner (C3)
468432364BCaroline Elliott (C14)Caroline McLaughlin (C7)
2367397330AStany Arnold (C8)Brigitte Brath (C10)
366430364AMarlene Skinner (C3)Peter Thorpe (C5)
766420354ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
1466378312BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Caroline Elliott (C14)
2765383318AMary Doyle (C6)Angela Brodie (C13)
1564359295AAnn Golding (C1)Ted Lewis (C2)
1264382318BCaroline Elliott (C14)Hannah Kingston (C12)
1163418355ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Kwun_Shing Lau (C16)
2062442380AAnn Golding (C1)Hannah Kingston (C12)
2162363301BArnold Appelhof (C9)Angela Brodie (C13)
559380321ASyd Berger (C4)Angela Brodie (C13)
1059439380APeter Thorpe (C5)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
359419360AStany Arnold (C8)Angela Brodie (C13)
758364306ATed Lewis (C2)Alison Holmes (C15)
257391334BArnold Appelhof (C9)Hannah Kingston (C12)
1557386329BHannah Kingston (C12)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
1655372317ATed Lewis (C2)Marlene Skinner (C3)
653364311AMarlene Skinner (C3)Caroline Elliott (C14)
2653390337AMarlene Skinner (C3)Hannah Kingston (C12)
2752344292ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Marlene Skinner (C3)
2852362310BArnold Appelhof (C9)Caroline Elliott (C14)
2552362310BBrigitte Brath (C10)Hannah Kingston (C12)
1452363311BHannah Kingston (C12)Alison Holmes (C15)
851400349AAnn Golding (C1)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
1351402351ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Hannah Kingston (C12)
1450417367BAngela Brodie (C13)Brigitte Brath (C10)
149385336AMarlene Skinner (C3)Ted Lewis (C2)
1049356307AMary Doyle (C6)Kwun_Shing Lau (C16)
1548408360AMarlene Skinner (C3)Syd Berger (C4)
548374326BAlison Holmes (C15)Mary Doyle (C6)
2047416369ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Peter Thorpe (C5)
646429383AMary Doyle (C6)Stany Arnold (C8)
1446413367BArnold Appelhof (C9)Mary Doyle (C6)
446414368BAngela Brodie (C13)Ann Golding (C1)
2145408363AMarlene Skinner (C3)Caroline Elliott (C14)
1745385340BSumbul Siddiqui (C11)Caroline Elliott (C14)
944411367AAnn Golding (C1)Stany Arnold (C8)
2143427384AAnn Golding (C1)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
2843368325AMary Doyle (C6)Ted Lewis (C2)
742398356ASyd Berger (C4)Kwun_Shing Lau (C16)
1041418377BBrigitte Brath (C10)Hannah Kingston (C12)
3040361321BSumbul Siddiqui (C11)Hannah Kingston (C12)
2939441402ASyd Berger (C4)Caroline McLaughlin (C7)
2239392353BBrigitte Brath (C10)Ann Golding (C1)
1938418380AMarlene Skinner (C3)Brigitte Brath (C10)
1138356318BHannah Kingston (C12)Marlene Skinner (C3)
2337396359AAnn Golding (C1)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
2037401364ASyd Berger (C4)Angela Brodie (C13)
1737456419APeter Thorpe (C5)Stany Arnold (C8)
2336361325APeter Thorpe (C5)Angela Brodie (C13)
2835390355ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Hannah Kingston (C12)
2634342308AAnn Golding (C1)Mary Doyle (C6)
3034382348AAnn Golding (C1)Ted Lewis (C2)
134390356BArnold Appelhof (C9)Stany Arnold (C8)
1834350316BHannah Kingston (C12)Kwun_Shing Lau (C16)
2533391358ASyd Berger (C4)Alison Holmes (C15)
1732411379AAnn Golding (C1)Alison Holmes (C15)
1332427395AMarlene Skinner (C3)Stany Arnold (C8)
1531385354APeter Thorpe (C5)Mary Doyle (C6)
431384353BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
829387358AMary Doyle (C6)Hannah Kingston (C12)
1329356327BBrigitte Brath (C10)Peter Thorpe (C5)
2629373344BBrigitte Brath (C10)Ted Lewis (C2)
1229356327BAngela Brodie (C13)Mary Doyle (C6)
928361333ATed Lewis (C2)Caroline Elliott (C14)
2928376348ATed Lewis (C2)Peter Thorpe (C5)
627393366ATed Lewis (C2)Hannah Kingston (C12)
327419392AMary Doyle (C6)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
326408382ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Ted Lewis (C2)
1626369343BArnold Appelhof (C9)Stany Arnold (C8)
224440416APeter Thorpe (C5)Stany Arnold (C8)
2123393370BBrigitte Brath (C10)Syd Berger (C4)
922427405APeter Thorpe (C5)Alison Holmes (C15)
1622386364ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Mary Doyle (C6)
622380358BBrigitte Brath (C10)Syd Berger (C4)
421417396AMarlene Skinner (C3)Brigitte Brath (C10)
1821355334BAngela Brodie (C13)Stany Arnold (C8)
420418398ATed Lewis (C2)Stany Arnold (C8)
1620424404ASyd Berger (C4)Peter Thorpe (C5)
1119416397ASyd Berger (C4)Stany Arnold (C8)
2319422403BHannah Kingston (C12)Mary Doyle (C6)
1519400381BAlison Holmes (C15)Kwun_Shing Lau (C16)
2719365346BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Brigitte Brath (C10)
2918382364BBrigitte Brath (C10)Angela Brodie (C13)
2518403385BSumbul Siddiqui (C11)Marlene Skinner (C3)
517412395AMarlene Skinner (C3)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
617373356BArnold Appelhof (C9)Angela Brodie (C13)
917346329BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Marlene Skinner (C3)
3015385370AMary Doyle (C6)Peter Thorpe (C5)
2415332317BArnold Appelhof (C9)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
1013342329ASyd Berger (C4)Alison Holmes (C15)
2213357344BAngela Brodie (C13)Marlene Skinner (C3)
1012378366ACaroline McLaughlin (C7)Ann Golding (C1)
2412390378AStany Arnold (C8)Ann Golding (C1)
2812363351BAlison Holmes (C15)Angela Brodie (C13)
2412344332BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Marlene Skinner (C3)
811377366AMarlene Skinner (C3)Alison Holmes (C15)
311370359BBrigitte Brath (C10)Alison Holmes (C15)
2711372361BHannah Kingston (C12)Caroline Elliott (C14)
2510312302ATed Lewis (C2)Angela Brodie (C13)
1210365355BAlison Holmes (C15)Stany Arnold (C8)
69365356AAnn Golding (C1)Sumbul Siddiqui (C11)
19368359APeter Thorpe (C5)Syd Berger (C4)
299351342BAlison Holmes (C15)Hannah Kingston (C12)
228378370AMary Doyle (C6)Caroline Elliott (C14)
306408402ASyd Berger (C4)Marlene Skinner (C3)
26403397BAngela Brodie (C13)Kwun_Shing Lau (C16)
136356350BCaroline Elliott (C14)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
126397391BKwun_Shing Lau (C16)Brigitte Brath (C10)
305326321BBrigitte Brath (C10)Arnold Appelhof (C9)
165351346BCaroline Elliott (C14)Alison Holmes (C15)
113396393BSumbul Siddiqui (C11)Angela Brodie (C13)
43401398BHannah Kingston (C12)Peter Thorpe (C5)
92387385AMary Doyle (C6)Brigitte Brath (C10)
172401399AMary Doyle (C6)Marlene Skinner (C3)
191377376AAnn Golding (C1)Angela Brodie (C13)
121345344APeter Thorpe (C5)Ann Golding (C1)
191396395AMary Doyle (C6)Syd Berger (C4)
270441441BSumbul Siddiqui (C11)Syd Berger (C4)
160370370BAngela Brodie (C13)Hannah Kingston (C12)

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