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10th UK Open, 6-8 January 2017

Flyers for the 2018 UK Open! Warm Up and Main Event

Division C Round 30 Alphabetic Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
25Arnold Appelhof (C9) repliesBrigitte Brath (C10) starts repeat
28Stany Arnold (C8) repliesCaroline McLaughlin (C7) starts repeat
26Syd Berger (C4) repliesMarlene Skinner (C3) starts repeat
25Brigitte Brath (C10) startsArnold Appelhof (C9) replies repeat
27Angela Brodie (C13) repliesCaroline Elliott (C14) starts repeat
24Mary Doyle (C6) startsPeter Thorpe (C5) replies repeat
27Caroline Elliott (C14) startsAngela Brodie (C13) replies repeat
23Ann Golding (C1) repliesTed Lewis (C2) starts repeat
29Alison Holmes (C15) startsKwun_Shing Lau (C16) replies repeat
30Hannah Kingston (C12) repliesSumbul Siddiqui (C11) starts repeat
29Kwun_Shing Lau (C16) repliesAlison Holmes (C15) starts repeat
23Ted Lewis (C2) startsAnn Golding (C1) replies repeat
28Caroline McLaughlin (C7) startsStany Arnold (C8) replies repeat
30Sumbul Siddiqui (C11) startsHannah Kingston (C12) replies repeat
26Marlene Skinner (C3) startsSyd Berger (C4) replies repeat
24Peter Thorpe (C5) repliesMary Doyle (C6) starts repeat

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