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10th UK Open, 6-8 January 2017

Flyers for the 2018 UK Open! Warm Up and Main Event

Division B Rating Upsets

2312915223398361BKadda Mohamed (B16)Andy Becher (B2)
2113415520395373BNicky Huitson (B12)Ian Coventry (B1)
211341554406317BEileen Meghen (B13)Ian Coventry (B1)
2113415519493433BEileen Meghen (B13)Ian Coventry (B1)
211311529426358BGeoff Cooper (B14)Andy Becher (B2)
2113115224343310BGeoff Cooper (B14)Andy Becher (B2)
191291489442276BKadda Mohamed (B16)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
1813415221390362BNicky Huitson (B12)Andy Becher (B2)
1813415210364362BEileen Meghen (B13)Andy Becher (B2)
1713114821404365BGeoff Cooper (B14)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
161391557388361BGinny Dixon (B10)Ian Coventry (B1)
161291456453376BKadda Mohamed (B16)Steve Balment (B5)
1612914525455310BKadda Mohamed (B16)Victoria Kingham (B6)
1514015523368358BPaul Cousins (B9)Ian Coventry (B1)
1513014524521276BJanet Bonham (B15)Steve Balment (B5)
1413414822393379BEileen Meghen (B13)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
141311457491323BGeoff Cooper (B14)Victoria Kingham (B6)
1413114519398377BGeoff Cooper (B14)Jim Wilkie (B7)
1413014412400288BJanet Bonham (B15)Tom Wilson (B8)
1413014427434367BJanet Bonham (B15)Tom Wilson (B8)
1313915226405311BGinny Dixon (B10)Andy Becher (B2)
1313514810392363BJill Parker (B11)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
131341479470372BNicky Huitson (B12)Graham Bonham (B4)
131341475428321BEileen Meghen (B13)Graham Bonham (B4)
1214015212469335BPaul Cousins (B9)Andy Becher (B2)
1214015227416374BPaul Cousins (B9)Andy Becher (B2)
1213514727412379BJill Parker (B11)Graham Bonham (B4)
111441559361345ATom Wilson (B8)Ian Coventry (B1)
1114415524506345ATom Wilson (B8)Ian Coventry (B1)
1113414513427367BNicky Huitson (B12)Jim Wilkie (B7)
1113414523447430BNicky Huitson (B12)Victoria Kingham (B6)
111341458487391BEileen Meghen (B13)Steve Balment (B5)
111341459487374BEileen Meghen (B13)Jim Wilkie (B7)
111291404505296BKadda Mohamed (B16)Paul Cousins (B9)
1014515527518307ASteve Balment (B5)Ian Coventry (B1)
1014515511388307AVictoria Kingham (B6)Ian Coventry (B1)
1014515510435318AJim Wilkie (B7)Ian Coventry (B1)
101351453419413BJill Parker (B11)Victoria Kingham (B6)
1013514518460395BJill Parker (B11)Victoria Kingham (B6)
101341447463450BNicky Huitson (B12)Tom Wilson (B8)
1013414422439379BNicky Huitson (B12)Tom Wilson (B8)
101341443413407BEileen Meghen (B13)Tom Wilson (B8)
1013414418465305BEileen Meghen (B13)Tom Wilson (B8)
1012913912413326BKadda Mohamed (B16)Ginny Dixon (B10)
91391484391366BGinny Dixon (B10)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
913514414447405BJill Parker (B11)Tom Wilson (B8)
913514429427379BJill Parker (B11)Tom Wilson (B8)
913114028371316BGeoff Cooper (B14)Paul Cousins (B9)
814715513351306AGraham Bonham (B4)Ian Coventry (B1)
814715528416367AGraham Bonham (B4)Ian Coventry (B1)
81441524417413ATom Wilson (B8)Andy Becher (B2)
814415219386346ATom Wilson (B8)Andy Becher (B2)
81401485387339BPaul Cousins (B9)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
81311395458367BGeoff Cooper (B14)Ginny Dixon (B10)
813113920367315BGeoff Cooper (B14)Ginny Dixon (B10)
714515214461319ASteve Balment (B5)Andy Becher (B2)
714515228456425AVictoria Kingham (B6)Andy Becher (B2)
71451523405367AJim Wilkie (B7)Andy Becher (B2)
714014718476430BPaul Cousins (B9)Graham Bonham (B4)
61391452449383BGinny Dixon (B10)Jim Wilkie (B7)
61391459472299BGinny Dixon (B10)Victoria Kingham (B6)
613914513458300BGinny Dixon (B10)Steve Balment (B5)
613914524401358BGinny Dixon (B10)Victoria Kingham (B6)
613914528420373BGinny Dixon (B10)Steve Balment (B5)
61341406454372BEileen Meghen (B13)Paul Cousins (B9)
613414021393277BEileen Meghen (B13)Paul Cousins (B9)
514014510444431BPaul Cousins (B9)Steve Balment (B5)
514014514482413BPaul Cousins (B9)Victoria Kingham (B6)
514014525407361BPaul Cousins (B9)Steve Balment (B5)
51391448422357BGinny Dixon (B10)Tom Wilson (B8)
513914423389379BGinny Dixon (B10)Tom Wilson (B8)
513413925369355BNicky Huitson (B12)Ginny Dixon (B10)
513413914432395BEileen Meghen (B13)Ginny Dixon (B10)
513413929408396BEileen Meghen (B13)Ginny Dixon (B10)
51291342374354BKadda Mohamed (B16)Eileen Meghen (B13)
51291343496364BKadda Mohamed (B16)Nicky Huitson (B12)
512913417540313BKadda Mohamed (B16)Eileen Meghen (B13)
512913418431309BKadda Mohamed (B16)Nicky Huitson (B12)
414414813439314ATom Wilson (B8)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
41401441462365BPaul Cousins (B9)Tom Wilson (B8)
41351391442322BJill Parker (B11)Ginny Dixon (B10)
314514818474333ASteve Balment (B5)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
314514812419317AJim Wilkie (B7)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
314514827415380AJim Wilkie (B7)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
314414711368364ATom Wilson (B8)Graham Bonham (B4)
313113412387336BGeoff Cooper (B14)Nicky Huitson (B12)
313113430421340BGeoff Cooper (B14)Eileen Meghen (B13)
214514716420354ASteve Balment (B5)Graham Bonham (B4)
21451474424414AVictoria Kingham (B6)Graham Bonham (B4)
214514719413244AVictoria Kingham (B6)Graham Bonham (B4)
214514714400341AJim Wilkie (B7)Graham Bonham (B4)
212913114405396BKadda Mohamed (B16)Geoff Cooper (B14)
212913129416275BKadda Mohamed (B16)Geoff Cooper (B14)
114714830430386AGraham Bonham (B4)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
11441452416347ATom Wilson (B8)Steve Balment (B5)
114414515403370ATom Wilson (B8)Jim Wilkie (B7)
114414517434405ATom Wilson (B8)Steve Balment (B5)
114414521414370ATom Wilson (B8)Victoria Kingham (B6)
114414530423310ATom Wilson (B8)Jim Wilkie (B7)
113413530381288BNicky Huitson (B12)Jill Parker (B11)
113413526509365BEileen Meghen (B13)Jill Parker (B11)

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