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10th UK Open, 6-8 January 2017

Flyers for the 2018 UK Open! Warm Up and Main Event

Division B Low Spreads

151470469AIan Coventry (B1)Andy Becher (B2)
102364362BEileen Meghen (B13)Andy Becher (B2)
44417413ATom Wilson (B8)Andy Becher (B2)
114368364ATom Wilson (B8)Graham Bonham (B4)
175424419ASuzanne Dundas (B3)Victoria Kingham (B6)
216390384ASteve Balment (B5)Kadda Mohamed (B16)
276396390BGinny Dixon (B10)Kadda Mohamed (B16)
36419413BJill Parker (B11)Victoria Kingham (B6)
36413407BEileen Meghen (B13)Tom Wilson (B8)
17394387AAndy Becher (B2)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
167394387BGeoff Cooper (B14)Janet Bonham (B15)
79333324AGraham Bonham (B4)Kadda Mohamed (B16)
149405396BKadda Mohamed (B16)Geoff Cooper (B14)
2510446436ASuzanne Dundas (B3)Jill Parker (B11)
410424414AVictoria Kingham (B6)Graham Bonham (B4)
2110316306AJim Wilkie (B7)Janet Bonham (B15)
2310368358BPaul Cousins (B9)Ian Coventry (B1)
2310389379BGinny Dixon (B10)Tom Wilson (B8)
1312374362AAndy Becher (B2)Victoria Kingham (B6)
2912408396BEileen Meghen (B13)Ginny Dixon (B10)
1013444431BPaul Cousins (B9)Steve Balment (B5)
713463450BNicky Huitson (B12)Tom Wilson (B8)
2914369355AAndy Becher (B2)Steve Balment (B5)
2514369355BNicky Huitson (B12)Ginny Dixon (B10)
2214393379BEileen Meghen (B13)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
3014389375BJanet Bonham (B15)Kadda Mohamed (B16)
1616403387AIan Coventry (B1)Kadda Mohamed (B16)
916361345ATom Wilson (B8)Ian Coventry (B1)
2317447430BNicky Huitson (B12)Victoria Kingham (B6)
1518351333BEileen Meghen (B13)Geoff Cooper (B14)
3019404385ASteve Balment (B5)Victoria Kingham (B6)
1720400380AJim Wilkie (B7)Ginny Dixon (B10)
220374354BKadda Mohamed (B16)Eileen Meghen (B13)
2621410389AIan Coventry (B1)Victoria Kingham (B6)
821435414AVictoria Kingham (B6)Nicky Huitson (B12)
2021371350ATom Wilson (B8)Kadda Mohamed (B16)
1921398377BGeoff Cooper (B14)Jim Wilkie (B7)
1521421400BJanet Bonham (B15)Kadda Mohamed (B16)
2022395373BNicky Huitson (B12)Ian Coventry (B1)
1625401376AAndy Becher (B2)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
425391366BGinny Dixon (B10)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
1725417392BJill Parker (B11)Geoff Cooper (B14)
226479453AAndy Becher (B2)Graham Bonham (B4)
1926422396ASteve Balment (B5)Nicky Huitson (B12)
727388361BGinny Dixon (B10)Ian Coventry (B1)
2428422394AJim Wilkie (B7)Eileen Meghen (B13)
2128390362BNicky Huitson (B12)Andy Becher (B2)
2829404375ASuzanne Dundas (B3)Tom Wilson (B8)
1729434405ATom Wilson (B8)Steve Balment (B5)
1029392363BJill Parker (B11)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
1130386356ASuzanne Dundas (B3)Nicky Huitson (B12)
2831456425AVictoria Kingham (B6)Andy Becher (B2)
3031361330BPaul Cousins (B9)Ginny Dixon (B10)
2731395364BNicky Huitson (B12)Geoff Cooper (B14)
1533445412ASteve Balment (B5)Victoria Kingham (B6)
1533403370ATom Wilson (B8)Jim Wilkie (B7)
2733412379BJill Parker (B11)Graham Bonham (B4)
2433343310BGeoff Cooper (B14)Andy Becher (B2)
134361327BGeoff Cooper (B14)Janet Bonham (B15)
2035369334AGraham Bonham (B4)Eileen Meghen (B13)
2335405370ASteve Balment (B5)Eileen Meghen (B13)
2735415380AJim Wilkie (B7)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
1437432395BEileen Meghen (B13)Ginny Dixon (B10)
2337398361BKadda Mohamed (B16)Andy Becher (B2)
2738391353AVictoria Kingham (B6)Eileen Meghen (B13)
338405367AJim Wilkie (B7)Andy Becher (B2)
1539398359ASuzanne Dundas (B3)Graham Bonham (B4)
2339418379AGraham Bonham (B4)Geoff Cooper (B14)
2139404365BGeoff Cooper (B14)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
340383343AIan Coventry (B1)Geoff Cooper (B14)
940429389ASteve Balment (B5)Janet Bonham (B15)
1940386346ATom Wilson (B8)Andy Becher (B2)
2541418377AAndy Becher (B2)Eileen Meghen (B13)
541371330AJim Wilkie (B7)Steve Balment (B5)
1342386344BPaul Cousins (B9)Geoff Cooper (B14)
2742416374BPaul Cousins (B9)Andy Becher (B2)
1442447405BJill Parker (B11)Tom Wilson (B8)
1843424381AAndy Becher (B2)Jim Wilkie (B7)
1743409366BPaul Cousins (B9)Nicky Huitson (B12)
2443401358BGinny Dixon (B10)Victoria Kingham (B6)
2244408364AGraham Bonham (B4)Kadda Mohamed (B16)
3044430386AGraham Bonham (B4)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
2144414370ATom Wilson (B8)Victoria Kingham (B6)
1445388343AIan Coventry (B1)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
1345351306AGraham Bonham (B4)Ian Coventry (B1)
2245392347AVictoria Kingham (B6)Geoff Cooper (B14)
1846476430BPaul Cousins (B9)Graham Bonham (B4)
2546407361BPaul Cousins (B9)Steve Balment (B5)
1047444397AVictoria Kingham (B6)Kadda Mohamed (B16)
2847420373BGinny Dixon (B10)Steve Balment (B5)
248410362ASuzanne Dundas (B3)Victoria Kingham (B6)
2048402354ASteve Balment (B5)Jim Wilkie (B7)
548387339BPaul Cousins (B9)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
2948427379BJill Parker (B11)Tom Wilson (B8)
2849416367AGraham Bonham (B4)Ian Coventry (B1)
950416366BPaul Cousins (B9)Jill Parker (B11)
2151446395AGraham Bonham (B4)Ginny Dixon (B10)
1251387336BGeoff Cooper (B14)Nicky Huitson (B12)
152466414AGraham Bonham (B4)Steve Balment (B5)
2052367315BGeoff Cooper (B14)Ginny Dixon (B10)
1053411358AGraham Bonham (B4)Janet Bonham (B15)
653399346AJim Wilkie (B7)Janet Bonham (B15)
2855371316BGeoff Cooper (B14)Paul Cousins (B9)
2656414358AGraham Bonham (B4)Tom Wilson (B8)
357414357AGraham Bonham (B4)Paul Cousins (B9)
3059437378AIan Coventry (B1)Andy Becher (B2)
1459400341AJim Wilkie (B7)Graham Bonham (B4)
660441381AGraham Bonham (B4)Ginny Dixon (B10)
460385325BJill Parker (B11)Janet Bonham (B15)
1360427367BNicky Huitson (B12)Jim Wilkie (B7)
2260439379BNicky Huitson (B12)Tom Wilson (B8)
1960493433BEileen Meghen (B13)Ian Coventry (B1)
1061413352BGinny Dixon (B10)Nicky Huitson (B12)
1262455393AVictoria Kingham (B6)Eileen Meghen (B13)
1663409346ATom Wilson (B8)Paul Cousins (B9)
2265426361AIan Coventry (B1)Ginny Dixon (B10)
865420355AGraham Bonham (B4)Geoff Cooper (B14)
865422357BGinny Dixon (B10)Tom Wilson (B8)
1865460395BJill Parker (B11)Victoria Kingham (B6)
2366463397ASuzanne Dundas (B3)Janet Bonham (B15)
1666420354ASteve Balment (B5)Graham Bonham (B4)
1066432366ATom Wilson (B8)Geoff Cooper (B14)
266449383BGinny Dixon (B10)Jim Wilkie (B7)
1867390323BGinny Dixon (B10)Janet Bonham (B15)
2767434367BJanet Bonham (B15)Tom Wilson (B8)
168450382AJim Wilkie (B7)Victoria Kingham (B6)
968426358BGeoff Cooper (B14)Andy Becher (B2)
269416347ATom Wilson (B8)Steve Balment (B5)
1469482413BPaul Cousins (B9)Victoria Kingham (B6)
1171364293ASteve Balment (B5)Geoff Cooper (B14)
1371452381BJill Parker (B11)Kadda Mohamed (B16)
2073460387ASuzanne Dundas (B3)Paul Cousins (B9)
2875475400BJill Parker (B11)Kadda Mohamed (B16)
677453376BKadda Mohamed (B16)Steve Balment (B5)
1779369290AAndy Becher (B2)Graham Bonham (B4)
2581396315AGraham Bonham (B4)Janet Bonham (B15)
1181388307AVictoria Kingham (B6)Ian Coventry (B1)
581429348ATom Wilson (B8)Kadda Mohamed (B16)
3081421340BGeoff Cooper (B14)Eileen Meghen (B13)
682454372BEileen Meghen (B13)Paul Cousins (B9)
2183432349AIan Coventry (B1)Jill Parker (B11)
683434351AVictoria Kingham (B6)Tom Wilson (B8)
1483420337BNicky Huitson (B12)Janet Bonham (B15)
787396309AJim Wilkie (B7)Paul Cousins (B9)
1687477390BGinny Dixon (B10)Jill Parker (B11)
1287413326BKadda Mohamed (B16)Ginny Dixon (B10)
489406317BEileen Meghen (B13)Ian Coventry (B1)
891446355AIan Coventry (B1)Paul Cousins (B9)
591458367BGeoff Cooper (B14)Ginny Dixon (B10)
692504412AAndy Becher (B2)Nicky Huitson (B12)
392448356BGinny Dixon (B10)Janet Bonham (B15)
3093381288BNicky Huitson (B12)Jill Parker (B11)
2694405311BGinny Dixon (B10)Andy Becher (B2)
1795449354AIan Coventry (B1)Janet Bonham (B15)
2695390295ASuzanne Dundas (B3)Nicky Huitson (B12)
896487391BEileen Meghen (B13)Steve Balment (B5)
197462365BPaul Cousins (B9)Tom Wilson (B8)
998470372BNicky Huitson (B12)Graham Bonham (B4)
2499420321ASuzanne Dundas (B3)Kadda Mohamed (B16)
3100500400ASuzanne Dundas (B3)Steve Balment (B5)
13100414314BEileen Meghen (B13)Janet Bonham (B15)
12102419317AJim Wilkie (B7)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
7104380276ASuzanne Dundas (B3)Eileen Meghen (B13)
25104442338ATom Wilson (B8)Geoff Cooper (B14)
26106423317BPaul Cousins (B9)Janet Bonham (B15)
5107428321BEileen Meghen (B13)Graham Bonham (B4)
26110427317AJim Wilkie (B7)Kadda Mohamed (B16)
28111440329BEileen Meghen (B13)Janet Bonham (B15)
12112400288BJanet Bonham (B15)Tom Wilson (B8)
12113427314AGraham Bonham (B4)Jill Parker (B11)
30113423310ATom Wilson (B8)Jim Wilkie (B7)
9113487374BEileen Meghen (B13)Jim Wilkie (B7)
7114441327AAndy Becher (B2)Janet Bonham (B15)
19114488374BPaul Cousins (B9)Kadda Mohamed (B16)
16114476362BNicky Huitson (B12)Eileen Meghen (B13)
12115508393AIan Coventry (B1)Steve Balment (B5)
19115494379BJill Parker (B11)Janet Bonham (B15)
24116519403AGraham Bonham (B4)Nicky Huitson (B12)
11116472356AJim Wilkie (B7)Kadda Mohamed (B16)
21116393277BEileen Meghen (B13)Paul Cousins (B9)
1117448331AIan Coventry (B1)Kadda Mohamed (B16)
10117435318AJim Wilkie (B7)Ian Coventry (B1)
11117470353BJill Parker (B11)Eileen Meghen (B13)
11118504386AAndy Becher (B2)Ginny Dixon (B10)
6118445327ASuzanne Dundas (B3)Geoff Cooper (B14)
19118456338ASuzanne Dundas (B3)Ginny Dixon (B10)
16119438319AVictoria Kingham (B6)Jim Wilkie (B7)
5120452332AAndy Becher (B2)Jill Parker (B11)
1120442322BJill Parker (B11)Ginny Dixon (B10)
22121461340ASteve Balment (B5)Jill Parker (B11)
20121441320AVictoria Kingham (B6)Janet Bonham (B15)
22121458337AJim Wilkie (B7)Paul Cousins (B9)
4122394272AJim Wilkie (B7)Geoff Cooper (B14)
18122431309BKadda Mohamed (B16)Nicky Huitson (B12)
13125439314ATom Wilson (B8)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
8128418290ASuzanne Dundas (B3)Janet Bonham (B15)
2130444314BPaul Cousins (B9)Nicky Huitson (B12)
15131476345BJill Parker (B11)Nicky Huitson (B12)
23132444312AJim Wilkie (B7)Jill Parker (B11)
3132496364BKadda Mohamed (B16)Nicky Huitson (B12)
12134469335BPaul Cousins (B9)Andy Becher (B2)
18139404265AIan Coventry (B1)Geoff Cooper (B14)
6140476336AIan Coventry (B1)Jill Parker (B11)
18141474333ASteve Balment (B5)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
26141431290ASteve Balment (B5)Geoff Cooper (B14)
29141416275BKadda Mohamed (B16)Geoff Cooper (B14)
14142461319ASteve Balment (B5)Andy Becher (B2)
26144509365BEileen Meghen (B13)Jill Parker (B11)
25145455310BKadda Mohamed (B16)Victoria Kingham (B6)
25146469323AIan Coventry (B1)Jim Wilkie (B7)
1146416270BNicky Huitson (B12)Eileen Meghen (B13)
20150496346AAndy Becher (B2)Jill Parker (B11)
8157533376AAndy Becher (B2)Kadda Mohamed (B16)
15157461304BPaul Cousins (B9)Ginny Dixon (B10)
13158458300BGinny Dixon (B10)Steve Balment (B5)
5160457297AIan Coventry (B1)Nicky Huitson (B12)
29160511351BNicky Huitson (B12)Janet Bonham (B15)
18160465305BEileen Meghen (B13)Tom Wilson (B8)
29161466305AGraham Bonham (B4)Jim Wilkie (B7)
24161506345ATom Wilson (B8)Ian Coventry (B1)
24161469308BPaul Cousins (B9)Jill Parker (B11)
2162470308AIan Coventry (B1)Janet Bonham (B15)
29164535371AIan Coventry (B1)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
9166442276BKadda Mohamed (B16)Suzanne Dundas (B3)
7168491323BGeoff Cooper (B14)Victoria Kingham (B6)
19169413244AVictoria Kingham (B6)Graham Bonham (B4)
11172488316BPaul Cousins (B9)Janet Bonham (B15)
9173472299BGinny Dixon (B10)Victoria Kingham (B6)
29174497323AVictoria Kingham (B6)Paul Cousins (B9)
8174474300AJim Wilkie (B7)Jill Parker (B11)
4191494303ASteve Balment (B5)Nicky Huitson (B12)
22193536343AAndy Becher (B2)Janet Bonham (B15)
7194538344ASteve Balment (B5)Jill Parker (B11)
2198483285BJill Parker (B11)Geoff Cooper (B14)
4209505296BKadda Mohamed (B16)Paul Cousins (B9)
27211518307ASteve Balment (B5)Ian Coventry (B1)
17227540313BKadda Mohamed (B16)Eileen Meghen (B13)
5230500270AVictoria Kingham (B6)Janet Bonham (B15)
24245521276BJanet Bonham (B15)Steve Balment (B5)
28413664251AJim Wilkie (B7)Nicky Huitson (B12)

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