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10th UK Open, 6-8 January 2017

Flyers for the 2018 UK Open! Warm Up and Main Event

Division B High Combined Score

15939470469AIan Coventry (B1)AAndy Becher (B2)
2932479453AAndy Becher (B2)AGraham Bonham (B4)
19926493433BEileen Meghen (B13)AIan Coventry (B1)
24922519403AGraham Bonham (B4)BNicky Huitson (B12)
6916504412AAndy Becher (B2)BNicky Huitson (B12)
28915664251AJim Wilkie (B7)BNicky Huitson (B12)
7913463450BNicky Huitson (B12)ATom Wilson (B8)
8909533376AAndy Becher (B2)BKadda Mohamed (B16)
29906535371AIan Coventry (B1)ASuzanne Dundas (B3)
18906476430BPaul Cousins (B9)AGraham Bonham (B4)
12901508393AIan Coventry (B1)ASteve Balment (B5)
3900500400ASuzanne Dundas (B3)ASteve Balment (B5)
14895482413BPaul Cousins (B9)AVictoria Kingham (B6)
11890504386AAndy Becher (B2)BGinny Dixon (B10)
25882446436ASuzanne Dundas (B3)BJill Parker (B11)
7882538344ASteve Balment (B5)BJill Parker (B11)
28881456425AVictoria Kingham (B6)AAndy Becher (B2)
1880466414AGraham Bonham (B4)ASteve Balment (B5)
22879536343AAndy Becher (B2)BJanet Bonham (B15)
8878487391BEileen Meghen (B13)ASteve Balment (B5)
23877447430BNicky Huitson (B12)AVictoria Kingham (B6)
10875444431BPaul Cousins (B9)ASteve Balment (B5)
28875475400BJill Parker (B11)BKadda Mohamed (B16)
26874509365BEileen Meghen (B13)BJill Parker (B11)
19873494379BJill Parker (B11)BJanet Bonham (B15)
16867477390BGinny Dixon (B10)BJill Parker (B11)
19862488374BPaul Cousins (B9)BKadda Mohamed (B16)
29862511351BNicky Huitson (B12)BJanet Bonham (B15)
9861487374BEileen Meghen (B13)AJim Wilkie (B7)
23860463397ASuzanne Dundas (B3)BJanet Bonham (B15)
3860496364BKadda Mohamed (B16)BNicky Huitson (B12)
15857445412ASteve Balment (B5)AVictoria Kingham (B6)
18855460395BJill Parker (B11)AVictoria Kingham (B6)
17853540313BKadda Mohamed (B16)BEileen Meghen (B13)
14852447405BJill Parker (B11)ATom Wilson (B8)
24851506345ATom Wilson (B8)AIan Coventry (B1)
8849435414AVictoria Kingham (B6)BNicky Huitson (B12)
12848455393AVictoria Kingham (B6)BEileen Meghen (B13)
20847460387ASuzanne Dundas (B3)BPaul Cousins (B9)
17843424419ASuzanne Dundas (B3)AVictoria Kingham (B6)
20842496346AAndy Becher (B2)BJill Parker (B11)
9842470372BNicky Huitson (B12)AGraham Bonham (B4)
21841446395AGraham Bonham (B4)BGinny Dixon (B10)
10841444397AVictoria Kingham (B6)BKadda Mohamed (B16)
17839434405ATom Wilson (B8)ASteve Balment (B5)
4838424414AVictoria Kingham (B6)AGraham Bonham (B4)
16838476362BNicky Huitson (B12)BEileen Meghen (B13)
13833452381BJill Parker (B11)BKadda Mohamed (B16)
1832450382AJim Wilkie (B7)AVictoria Kingham (B6)
2832449383BGinny Dixon (B10)AJim Wilkie (B7)
3832419413BJill Parker (B11)AVictoria Kingham (B6)
4830417413ATom Wilson (B8)AAndy Becher (B2)
6829453376BKadda Mohamed (B16)ASteve Balment (B5)
11828472356AJim Wilkie (B7)BKadda Mohamed (B16)
1827462365BPaul Cousins (B9)ATom Wilson (B8)
14827432395BEileen Meghen (B13)BGinny Dixon (B10)
6826454372BEileen Meghen (B13)BPaul Cousins (B9)
27825518307ASteve Balment (B5)AIan Coventry (B1)
5825458367BGeoff Cooper (B14)BGinny Dixon (B10)
11823470353BJill Parker (B11)BEileen Meghen (B13)
6822441381AGraham Bonham (B4)BGinny Dixon (B10)
15821476345BJill Parker (B11)BNicky Huitson (B12)
15821421400BJanet Bonham (B15)BKadda Mohamed (B16)
29820497323AVictoria Kingham (B6)BPaul Cousins (B9)
3820413407BEileen Meghen (B13)ATom Wilson (B8)
9818429389ASteve Balment (B5)BJanet Bonham (B15)
19818422396ASteve Balment (B5)BNicky Huitson (B12)
22818439379BNicky Huitson (B12)ATom Wilson (B8)
30816430386AGraham Bonham (B4)ASuzanne Dundas (B3)
24816422394AJim Wilkie (B7)BEileen Meghen (B13)
30815437378AIan Coventry (B1)AAndy Becher (B2)
7814491323BGeoff Cooper (B14)AVictoria Kingham (B6)
6812476336AIan Coventry (B1)BJill Parker (B11)
17809417392BJill Parker (B11)BGeoff Cooper (B14)
18807474333ASteve Balment (B5)ASuzanne Dundas (B3)
29806427379BJill Parker (B11)ATom Wilson (B8)
18805424381AAndy Becher (B2)AJim Wilkie (B7)
11804488316BPaul Cousins (B9)BJanet Bonham (B15)
12804469335BPaul Cousins (B9)AAndy Becher (B2)
3804448356BGinny Dixon (B10)BJanet Bonham (B15)
29804408396BEileen Meghen (B13)BGinny Dixon (B10)
17803449354AIan Coventry (B1)BJanet Bonham (B15)
8801446355AIan Coventry (B1)BPaul Cousins (B9)
22801461340ASteve Balment (B5)BJill Parker (B11)
27801434367BJanet Bonham (B15)ATom Wilson (B8)
4801505296BKadda Mohamed (B16)BPaul Cousins (B9)
14801405396BKadda Mohamed (B16)BGeoff Cooper (B14)
26799410389AIan Coventry (B1)AVictoria Kingham (B6)
10798432366ATom Wilson (B8)BGeoff Cooper (B14)
23797418379AGraham Bonham (B4)BGeoff Cooper (B14)
4797494303ASteve Balment (B5)BNicky Huitson (B12)
24797521276BJanet Bonham (B15)ASteve Balment (B5)
25795418377AAndy Becher (B2)BEileen Meghen (B13)
22795458337AJim Wilkie (B7)BPaul Cousins (B9)
27795415380AJim Wilkie (B7)ASuzanne Dundas (B3)
19794456338ASuzanne Dundas (B3)BGinny Dixon (B10)
13794427367BNicky Huitson (B12)AJim Wilkie (B7)
28793420373BGinny Dixon (B10)ASteve Balment (B5)
25792469323AIan Coventry (B1)AJim Wilkie (B7)
27791412379BJill Parker (B11)AGraham Bonham (B4)
16790403387AIan Coventry (B1)BKadda Mohamed (B16)
27790416374BPaul Cousins (B9)AAndy Becher (B2)
30789404385ASteve Balment (B5)AVictoria Kingham (B6)
22787426361AIan Coventry (B1)BGinny Dixon (B10)
27786396390BGinny Dixon (B10)BKadda Mohamed (B16)
6785434351AVictoria Kingham (B6)ATom Wilson (B8)
5784452332AAndy Becher (B2)BJill Parker (B11)
21784414370ATom Wilson (B8)AVictoria Kingham (B6)
9784426358BGeoff Cooper (B14)AAndy Becher (B2)
28783416367AGraham Bonham (B4)AIan Coventry (B1)
9782416366BPaul Cousins (B9)BJill Parker (B11)
21781432349AIan Coventry (B1)BJill Parker (B11)
1781394387AAndy Becher (B2)ASuzanne Dundas (B3)
16781394387BGeoff Cooper (B14)BJanet Bonham (B15)
14780461319ASteve Balment (B5)AAndy Becher (B2)
17780400380AJim Wilkie (B7)BGinny Dixon (B10)
25780442338ATom Wilson (B8)BGeoff Cooper (B14)
1779448331AIan Coventry (B1)BKadda Mohamed (B16)
28779404375ASuzanne Dundas (B3)ATom Wilson (B8)
8779422357BGinny Dixon (B10)ATom Wilson (B8)
2778470308AIan Coventry (B1)BJanet Bonham (B15)
16777401376AAndy Becher (B2)ASuzanne Dundas (B3)
5777429348ATom Wilson (B8)BKadda Mohamed (B16)
24777469308BPaul Cousins (B9)BJill Parker (B11)
8775420355AGraham Bonham (B4)BGeoff Cooper (B14)
23775405370ASteve Balment (B5)BEileen Meghen (B13)
17775409366BPaul Cousins (B9)BNicky Huitson (B12)
19775398377BGeoff Cooper (B14)AJim Wilkie (B7)
16774420354ASteve Balment (B5)AGraham Bonham (B4)
21774390384ASteve Balment (B5)BKadda Mohamed (B16)
8774474300AJim Wilkie (B7)BJill Parker (B11)
15773403370ATom Wilson (B8)AJim Wilkie (B7)
2772410362ASuzanne Dundas (B3)AVictoria Kingham (B6)
6772445327ASuzanne Dundas (B3)BGeoff Cooper (B14)
22772408364AGraham Bonham (B4)BKadda Mohamed (B16)
26772414358AGraham Bonham (B4)ATom Wilson (B8)
3772405367AJim Wilkie (B7)AAndy Becher (B2)
22772393379BEileen Meghen (B13)ASuzanne Dundas (B3)
3771414357AGraham Bonham (B4)BPaul Cousins (B9)
29771466305AGraham Bonham (B4)AJim Wilkie (B7)
9771472299BGinny Dixon (B10)AVictoria Kingham (B6)
5770500270AVictoria Kingham (B6)BJanet Bonham (B15)
18770465305BEileen Meghen (B13)ATom Wilson (B8)
10769411358AGraham Bonham (B4)BJanet Bonham (B15)
28769440329BEileen Meghen (B13)BJanet Bonham (B15)
21769404365BGeoff Cooper (B14)ASuzanne Dundas (B3)
7768441327AAndy Becher (B2)BJanet Bonham (B15)
25768407361BPaul Cousins (B9)ASteve Balment (B5)
23768389379BGinny Dixon (B10)ATom Wilson (B8)
2768483285BJill Parker (B11)BGeoff Cooper (B14)
20768395373BNicky Huitson (B12)AIan Coventry (B1)
15765461304BPaul Cousins (B9)BGinny Dixon (B10)
10765413352BGinny Dixon (B10)BNicky Huitson (B12)
25765455310BKadda Mohamed (B16)AVictoria Kingham (B6)
1764442322BJill Parker (B11)BGinny Dixon (B10)
30764389375BJanet Bonham (B15)BKadda Mohamed (B16)
2763416347ATom Wilson (B8)ASteve Balment (B5)
20761441320AVictoria Kingham (B6)BJanet Bonham (B15)
30761421340BGeoff Cooper (B14)BEileen Meghen (B13)
24759401358BGinny Dixon (B10)AVictoria Kingham (B6)
27759395364BNicky Huitson (B12)BGeoff Cooper (B14)
23759398361BKadda Mohamed (B16)AAndy Becher (B2)
2758444314BPaul Cousins (B9)BNicky Huitson (B12)
13758458300BGinny Dixon (B10)ASteve Balment (B5)
15757398359ASuzanne Dundas (B3)AGraham Bonham (B4)
16757438319AVictoria Kingham (B6)AJim Wilkie (B7)
4757391366BGinny Dixon (B10)ASuzanne Dundas (B3)
14757420337BNicky Huitson (B12)BJanet Bonham (B15)
20756402354ASteve Balment (B5)AJim Wilkie (B7)
23756444312AJim Wilkie (B7)BJill Parker (B11)
16755409346ATom Wilson (B8)BPaul Cousins (B9)
10755392363BJill Parker (B11)ASuzanne Dundas (B3)
5754457297AIan Coventry (B1)BNicky Huitson (B12)
10753435318AJim Wilkie (B7)AIan Coventry (B1)
13753439314ATom Wilson (B8)ASuzanne Dundas (B3)
21752390362BNicky Huitson (B12)AAndy Becher (B2)
7749388361BGinny Dixon (B10)AIan Coventry (B1)
5749428321BEileen Meghen (B13)AGraham Bonham (B4)
6745399346AJim Wilkie (B7)BJanet Bonham (B15)
27744391353AVictoria Kingham (B6)BEileen Meghen (B13)
26744427317AJim Wilkie (B7)BKadda Mohamed (B16)
11742386356ASuzanne Dundas (B3)BNicky Huitson (B12)
24741420321ASuzanne Dundas (B3)BKadda Mohamed (B16)
12741427314AGraham Bonham (B4)BJill Parker (B11)
14741400341AJim Wilkie (B7)AGraham Bonham (B4)
26740423317BPaul Cousins (B9)BJanet Bonham (B15)
18740431309BKadda Mohamed (B16)BNicky Huitson (B12)
22739392347AVictoria Kingham (B6)BGeoff Cooper (B14)
12739413326BKadda Mohamed (B16)BGinny Dixon (B10)
13736374362AAndy Becher (B2)AVictoria Kingham (B6)
12736419317AJim Wilkie (B7)ASuzanne Dundas (B3)
30733423310ATom Wilson (B8)AJim Wilkie (B7)
11732368364ATom Wilson (B8)AGraham Bonham (B4)
19732386346ATom Wilson (B8)AAndy Becher (B2)
14731388343AIan Coventry (B1)ASuzanne Dundas (B3)
13730386344BPaul Cousins (B9)BGeoff Cooper (B14)
13728414314BEileen Meghen (B13)BJanet Bonham (B15)
2728374354BKadda Mohamed (B16)BEileen Meghen (B13)
3726383343AIan Coventry (B1)BGeoff Cooper (B14)
5726387339BPaul Cousins (B9)ASuzanne Dundas (B3)
23726368358BPaul Cousins (B9)AIan Coventry (B1)
10726364362BEileen Meghen (B13)AAndy Becher (B2)
29724369355AAndy Becher (B2)ASteve Balment (B5)
25724369355BNicky Huitson (B12)BGinny Dixon (B10)
4723406317BEileen Meghen (B13)AIan Coventry (B1)
12723387336BGeoff Cooper (B14)BNicky Huitson (B12)
26721431290ASteve Balment (B5)BGeoff Cooper (B14)
20721371350ATom Wilson (B8)BKadda Mohamed (B16)
9718442276BKadda Mohamed (B16)ASuzanne Dundas (B3)
26716405311BGinny Dixon (B10)AAndy Becher (B2)
18713390323BGinny Dixon (B10)BJanet Bonham (B15)
25711396315AGraham Bonham (B4)BJanet Bonham (B15)
4710385325BJill Parker (B11)BJanet Bonham (B15)
8708418290ASuzanne Dundas (B3)BJanet Bonham (B15)
9706361345ATom Wilson (B8)AIan Coventry (B1)
7705396309AJim Wilkie (B7)BPaul Cousins (B9)
20703369334AGraham Bonham (B4)BEileen Meghen (B13)
5701371330AJim Wilkie (B7)ASteve Balment (B5)
11695388307AVictoria Kingham (B6)AIan Coventry (B1)
30691361330BPaul Cousins (B9)BGinny Dixon (B10)
29691416275BKadda Mohamed (B16)BGeoff Cooper (B14)
1688361327BGeoff Cooper (B14)BJanet Bonham (B15)
12688400288BJanet Bonham (B15)ATom Wilson (B8)
28687371316BGeoff Cooper (B14)BPaul Cousins (B9)
1686416270BNicky Huitson (B12)BEileen Meghen (B13)
26685390295ASuzanne Dundas (B3)BNicky Huitson (B12)
15684351333BEileen Meghen (B13)BGeoff Cooper (B14)
20682367315BGeoff Cooper (B14)BGinny Dixon (B10)
21670393277BEileen Meghen (B13)BPaul Cousins (B9)
18669404265AIan Coventry (B1)BGeoff Cooper (B14)
30669381288BNicky Huitson (B12)BJill Parker (B11)
4666394272AJim Wilkie (B7)BGeoff Cooper (B14)
17659369290AAndy Becher (B2)AGraham Bonham (B4)
7657333324AGraham Bonham (B4)BKadda Mohamed (B16)
13657351306AGraham Bonham (B4)AIan Coventry (B1)
11657364293ASteve Balment (B5)BGeoff Cooper (B14)
19657413244AVictoria Kingham (B6)AGraham Bonham (B4)
7656380276ASuzanne Dundas (B3)BEileen Meghen (B13)
24653343310BGeoff Cooper (B14)AAndy Becher (B2)
21622316306AJim Wilkie (B7)BJanet Bonham (B15)

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