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10th UK Open, 6-8 January 2017

Flyers for the 2018 UK Open! Warm Up and Main Event

Division A Rating Upsets

451441893390375BDaniel Milton (A23)Austin Shin(GM) (A2)
3912216122524366BEsther Kasket (A28)Nuala O'Rourke (A10)
3816720511552453ASteve Perry (A8)Nigel Richards(GM) (A1)
381371758451365BDavid Shenkin (A25)Rafal Dominiczak (A4)
3716820516404366AVince Boyle (A7)Nigel Richards(GM) (A1)
3716820520421374AVince Boyle (A7)Nigel Richards(GM) (A1)
371371747469410BDavid Shenkin (A25)Elie Dangoor(Exp) (A5)
371351727444419BAhmed Khan (A26)Bob Violett(Exp) (A6)
371221595439412BEsther Kasket (A28)Paul Burton (A12)
361531896371347BKaren Richards (A19)Austin Shin(GM) (A2)
3612516129390381BTemu Oluku (A27)Nuala O'Rourke (A10)
311441756426361BDaniel Milton (A23)Rafal Dominiczak (A4)
301251554375252BTemu Oluku (A27)Phil Kelly (A17)
3012515511405359BTemu Oluku (A27)Paul{Austral} Richards (A16)
3012515526485263BTemu Oluku (A27)Phil Kelly (A17)
301221523437364BEsther Kasket (A28)Adrienne Berger (A20)
291551844392363BAmy Byrne (A15)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A3)
2915518410426355BPaul{Austral} Richards (A16)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A3)
2812215015415386BEsther Kasket (A28)Kevin Synnott (A21)
2712515214376297BTemu Oluku (A27)Adrienne Berger (A20)
2613516120420353BAhmed Khan (A26)Nuala O'Rourke (A10)
2512515022459432BTemu Oluku (A27)Kevin Synnott (A21)
241441687450401BDaniel Milton (A23)Vince Boyle (A7)
2413716117431428BDavid Shenkin (A25)Nuala O'Rourke (A10)
231221452417405BEsther Kasket (A28)Ruth MacInerney (A22)
2215317510506362BKaren Richards (A19)Rafal Dominiczak (A4)
2213715910445233BDavid Shenkin (A25)Paul Burton (A12)
2212214412442327BEsther Kasket (A28)Daniel Milton (A23)
211371589430405BDavid Shenkin (A25)Cecil Muscat (A13)
2015517522423415BRick Blakeway (A14)Rafal Dominiczak (A4)
2015517526404375BPaul{Austral} Richards (A16)Rafal Dominiczak (A4)
201351559416381BAhmed Khan (A26)Phil Kelly (A17)
2013515529412382BAhmed Khan (A26)Phil Kelly (A17)
2012514515409340BTemu Oluku (A27)Ruth MacInerney (A22)
2012214220372321BEsther Kasket (A28)Len Moir (A24)
2012214228428291BEsther Kasket (A28)Len Moir (A24)
2012214229401346BEsther Kasket (A28)Len Moir (A24)
2012214230354328BEsther Kasket (A28)Len Moir (A24)
1915517411483399BRick Blakeway (A14)Elie Dangoor(Exp) (A5)
1915517420491489BRick Blakeway (A14)Elie Dangoor(Exp) (A5)
1915517418485396BAmy Byrne (A15)Elie Dangoor(Exp) (A5)
191531724454372BAndrew Eames (A18)Bob Violett(Exp) (A6)
1915317219482391BKaren Richards (A19)Bob Violett(Exp) (A6)
1915317226432360BKaren Richards (A19)Bob Violett(Exp) (A6)
1912514419398375BTemu Oluku (A27)Daniel Milton (A23)
1813715520467453BDavid Shenkin (A25)Paul{Austral} Richards (A16)
1813715523452369BDavid Shenkin (A25)Phil Kelly (A17)
1813515312456430BAhmed Khan (A26)Andrew Eames (A18)
171671842446443ASteve Perry (A8)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A3)
171551725478385BPaul{Austral} Richards (A16)Bob Violett(Exp) (A6)
1714416114391317BDaniel Milton (A23)Nuala O'Rourke (A10)
1713515224428357BAhmed Khan (A26)Adrienne Berger (A20)
1618920515446410AAustin Shin(GM) (A2)Nigel Richards(GM) (A1)
1618920526440437AAustin Shin(GM) (A2)Nigel Richards(GM) (A1)
1618920528473450AAustin Shin(GM) (A2)Nigel Richards(GM) (A1)
1616818421487384AVince Boyle (A7)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A3)
1615817410426417ACecil Muscat (A13)Elie Dangoor(Exp) (A5)
1614516124384380BRuth MacInerney (A22)Nuala O'Rourke (A10)
1517418912448394AElie Dangoor(Exp) (A5)Austin Shin(GM) (A2)
1514516021408359BRuth MacInerney (A22)Tariq Pervez (A11)
151441598438380BDaniel Milton (A23)Paul Burton (A12)
1513715212362345BDavid Shenkin (A25)Adrienne Berger (A20)
1513515011410403BAhmed Khan (A26)Kevin Synnott (A21)
1512213713457376BEsther Kasket (A28)David Shenkin (A25)
1416017416513440ATariq Pervez (A11)Elie Dangoor(Exp) (A5)
1415817216414359ACecil Muscat (A13)Bob Violett(Exp) (A6)
1414515927432350BRuth MacInerney (A22)Paul Burton (A12)
1414415811430383BDaniel Milton (A23)Cecil Muscat (A13)
1314215511401325BLen Moir (A24)Phil Kelly (A17)
1313715019438341BDavid Shenkin (A25)Kevin Synnott (A21)
121551679504324BAmy Byrne (A15)Steve Perry (A8)
1215316516445409BAndrew Eames (A18)James Squires (A9)
121531658447336BKaren Richards (A19)James Squires (A9)
1215316520474419BKaren Richards (A19)James Squires (A9)
1212513716403383BTemu Oluku (A27)David Shenkin (A25)
111501617413298BKevin Synnott (A21)Nuala O'Rourke (A10)
1114415515394299BDaniel Milton (A23)Paul{Austral} Richards (A16)
1114215310478271BLen Moir (A24)Andrew Eames (A18)
1017418415517315AElie Dangoor(Exp) (A5)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A3)
1016517519482424AJames Squires (A9)Rafal Dominiczak (A4)
1015816812461446ACecil Muscat (A13)Vince Boyle (A7)
101551652534380BRick Blakeway (A14)James Squires (A9)
101501603673345BKevin Synnott (A21)Tariq Pervez (A11)
1014515514499320BRuth MacInerney (A22)Phil Kelly (A17)
1014515519464403BRuth MacInerney (A22)Paul{Austral} Richards (A16)
1013514517417387BAhmed Khan (A26)Ruth MacInerney (A22)
1012513513371361BTemu Oluku (A27)Ahmed Khan (A26)
91651743473436AJames Squires (A9)Elie Dangoor(Exp) (A5)
915216119436373BAdrienne Berger (A20)Nuala O'Rourke (A10)
915216125482453BAdrienne Berger (A20)Nuala O'Rourke (A10)
815316111466390BAndrew Eames (A18)Nuala O'Rourke (A10)
815015817542316BKevin Synnott (A21)Cecil Muscat (A13)
81451539457434BRuth MacInerney (A22)Karen Richards (A19)
814415210499392BDaniel Milton (A23)Adrienne Berger (A20)
814215013490405BLen Moir (A24)Kevin Synnott (A21)
813714511412355BDavid Shenkin (A25)Ruth MacInerney (A22)
716717419447432ASteve Perry (A8)Elie Dangoor(Exp) (A5)
71601674482416ATariq Pervez (A11)Steve Perry (A8)
715316026465370BAndrew Eames (A18)Tariq Pervez (A11)
71521597407310BAdrienne Berger (A20)Paul Burton (A12)
71351421481362BAhmed Khan (A26)Len Moir (A24)
713514226460347BAhmed Khan (A26)Len Moir (A24)
616817413569351AVince Boyle (A7)Elie Dangoor(Exp) (A5)
616817427419371AVince Boyle (A7)Elie Dangoor(Exp) (A5)
61611671487465ANuala O'Rourke (A10)Steve Perry (A8)
615916513365353APaul Burton (A12)James Squires (A9)
61551612475411BAmy Byrne (A15)Nuala O'Rourke (A10)
61551618438380BPaul{Austral} Richards (A16)Nuala O'Rourke (A10)
615315914462295BAndrew Eames (A18)Paul Burton (A12)
51551606476383BAmy Byrne (A15)Tariq Pervez (A11)
515516019468340BAmy Byrne (A15)Tariq Pervez (A11)
515315815408380BAndrew Eames (A18)Cecil Muscat (A13)
51531587410366BKaren Richards (A19)Cecil Muscat (A13)
515015527387308BKevin Synnott (A21)Phil Kelly (A17)
514515018443402BRuth MacInerney (A22)Kevin Synnott (A21)
514515020384355BRuth MacInerney (A22)Kevin Synnott (A21)
415515925434420BAmy Byrne (A15)Paul Burton (A12)
415515917423263BPaul{Austral} Richards (A16)Paul Burton (A12)
415515916463349BPhil Kelly (A17)Paul Burton (A12)
317217521462352ABob Violett(Exp) (A6)Rafal Dominiczak (A4)
31651681397390AJames Squires (A9)Vince Boyle (A7)
315515813405322BRick Blakeway (A14)Cecil Muscat (A13)
315515814430302BPaul{Austral} Richards (A16)Cecil Muscat (A13)
315515822406401BPhil Kelly (A17)Cecil Muscat (A13)
31521558448344BAdrienne Berger (A20)Rick Blakeway (A14)
315215516429424BAdrienne Berger (A20)Paul{Austral} Richards (A16)
31501531398263BKevin Synnott (A21)Andrew Eames (A18)
216516726439433AJames Squires (A9)Steve Perry (A8)
216516730387307AJames Squires (A9)Steve Perry (A8)
215916121445374APaul Burton (A12)Nuala O'Rourke (A10)
215816027444348ACecil Muscat (A13)Tariq Pervez (A11)
21531552439428BAndrew Eames (A18)Phil Kelly (A17)
215315513492385BAndrew Eames (A18)Paul{Austral} Richards (A16)
215315521499412BAndrew Eames (A18)Rick Blakeway (A14)
215315527429302BKaren Richards (A19)Paul{Austral} Richards (A16)
215315530517354BKaren Richards (A19)Paul{Austral} Richards (A16)
215015221462352BKevin Synnott (A21)Adrienne Berger (A20)
215015223390296BKevin Synnott (A21)Adrienne Berger (A20)
214214421400348BLen Moir (A24)Daniel Milton (A23)
213513727340334BAhmed Khan (A26)David Shenkin (A25)
213513730392370BAhmed Khan (A26)David Shenkin (A25)
11741751451389AElie Dangoor(Exp) (A5)Rafal Dominiczak (A4)
117417523498368AElie Dangoor(Exp) (A5)Rafal Dominiczak (A4)
116016113401397ATariq Pervez (A11)Nuala O'Rourke (A10)
115916028475348APaul Burton (A12)Tariq Pervez (A11)
115916030432329APaul Burton (A12)Tariq Pervez (A11)
115815926397392ACecil Muscat (A13)Paul Burton (A12)

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