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10th UK Open, 6-8 January 2017

Flyers for the 2018 UK Open! Warm Up and Main Event

Division A Round 28 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
123–5+2150AAustin Shin(GM) (A2)1W:473-450:A1replies vs. A1 @1
222–6+3655ANigel Richards(GM) (A1)2L:450-473:A2starts vs. A2 @1
318–10+818AVince Boyle (A7)2L:411-457:A3starts vs. A3 @2
418–10+668AWayne Kelly(GM) (A3)1W:457-411:A7replies vs. A7 @2
516½–11½+55ASteve Perry (A8)1W:450-436:A19replies vs. A5 @7
616–12+693AElie Dangoor(Exp) (A5)1W:534-435:A9starts vs. A8 @7
716–12−1ARafal Dominiczak (A4)1W:489-459:A15replies vs. A6 @4
815½–12½−116ABob Violett(Exp) (A6)2W:448-375:A16starts vs. A4 @4
915–13+613BKaren Richards (A19)2L:436-450:A8starts vs. A9 @3
1015–13+41AJames Squires (A9)2L:435-534:A5replies vs. A19 @3
1115–13−10BAmy Byrne (A15)2L:459-489:A4replies vs. A13 @6
1214½–13½−28ACecil Muscat (A13)2W:422-365:A18starts vs. A15 @6
1314–14+85BPaul{Austral} Richards (A16)1L:375-448:A6replies vs. A14 @5
1414–14−65BRick Blakeway (A14)1W:476-372:A22starts vs. A16 @5
1514–14−351BAndrew Eames (A18)1L:365-422:A13replies vs. A12 @8
1613–15−141APaul Burton (A12)2W:475-348:A11starts vs. A18 @8
1713–15−309BRuth MacInerney (A22)2L:372-476:A14starts vs. A25 @10
1813–15−467BDavid Shenkin (A25)1W:405-387:A26replies vs. A22 @10
1913–15−1058ATariq Pervez (A11)1L:348-475:A12starts vs. A23 @11
2012–16−254BDaniel Milton (A23)1W:434-357:A27replies vs. A11 @11
2112–16−436BAhmed Khan (A26)2L:387-405:A25starts vs. A17 @12
2212–16−922BPhil Kelly (A17)1W:445-394:A20replies vs. A26 @12
2311–17−743BTemu Oluku (A27)2L:357-434:A23starts vs. A10 @13
2410½–17½−634ANuala O'Rourke (A10)1W:422-365:A21replies vs. A27 @13
2510½–17½−746BAdrienne Berger (A20)2L:394-445:A17starts vs. A21 @9
2610–18+102BKevin Synnott (A21)2L:365-422:A10replies vs. A20 @9
279–19−1243BEsther Kasket (A28)1W:428-291:A24replies vs. A24 @14
286½–21½−1356BLen Moir (A24)2L:291-428:A28starts vs. A28 @14

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