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10th UK Open, 6-8 January 2017

Flyers for the 2018 UK Open! Warm Up and Main Event

Division A Round 30 Alphabetic Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
9Adrienne Berger (A20) repliesPhil Kelly (A17) starts 4peat
5Rick Blakeway (A14) repliesRuth MacInerney (A22) starts 3peat
2Vince Boyle (A7) repliesWayne Kelly(GM) (A3) starts 6peat
11Paul Burton (A12) startsTariq Pervez (A11) replies 3peat
8Amy Byrne (A15) repliesAndrew Eames (A18) starts repeat
7Elie Dangoor(Exp) (A5) repliesRafal Dominiczak (A4) starts 3peat
7Rafal Dominiczak (A4) startsElie Dangoor(Exp) (A5) replies 3peat
8Andrew Eames (A18) startsAmy Byrne (A15) replies repeat
14Esther Kasket (A28) startsLen Moir (A24) replies 5peat
2Wayne Kelly(GM) (A3) startsVince Boyle (A7) replies 6peat
9Phil Kelly (A17) startsAdrienne Berger (A20) replies 4peat
10Ahmed Khan (A26) repliesDavid Shenkin (A25) starts 4peat
5Ruth MacInerney (A22) startsRick Blakeway (A14) replies 3peat
13Daniel Milton (A23) startsTemu Oluku (A27) replies 3peat
14Len Moir (A24) repliesEsther Kasket (A28) starts 5peat
6Cecil Muscat (A13) startsBob Violett(Exp) (A6) replies repeat
12Nuala O'Rourke (A10) repliesKevin Synnott (A21) starts 4peat
13Temu Oluku (A27) repliesDaniel Milton (A23) starts 3peat
3Steve Perry (A8) repliesJames Squires (A9) starts 3peat
11Tariq Pervez (A11) repliesPaul Burton (A12) starts 3peat
1Nigel Richards(GM) (A1) repliesAustin Shin(GM) (A2) starts 7peat
4Karen Richards (A19) repliesPaul{Austral} Richards (A16) starts 3peat
4Paul{Austral} Richards (A16) startsKaren Richards (A19) replies 3peat
10David Shenkin (A25) startsAhmed Khan (A26) replies 4peat
1Austin Shin(GM) (A2) startsNigel Richards(GM) (A1) replies 7peat
3James Squires (A9) startsSteve Perry (A8) replies 3peat
12Kevin Synnott (A21) startsNuala O'Rourke (A10) replies 4peat
6Bob Violett(Exp) (A6) repliesCecil Muscat (A13) starts repeat

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