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NSC Fantasy Competition
Pick one player from each group. Highest finisher in that group provides 10 points. Second 6, Third 4, Fourth 3, Fifth 2, Sixth 1, Seventh 0.
Entries in by Saturday noon. Play for fun, or cough up £1 and the winner takes all - lowest total rating wins tie-breaker.

Players in capitals have yet to qualify for the NSC Finals. Entries may be changed up until the deadline. Players who end up in the Plate will be considered to have finished below everyone in the Finals. No-shows finish last and get a kick in the shins when I next see them. Updates during the event probably unlikely. Enjoy.

Entries to Craig Beevers on Facebook or by emailing

Player Rosters

Division ADivision BDivision CDivision DDivision EDivision FDivision G
1198Austin Shin(GM)1181Wayne Kelly(GM)1172Ross MacKenzie1168Natalie Zolty1159Chris Quartermaine1154Martin Taylor1146Kathy Richland
2193Lewis Mackay(GM)2180Gary Oliver(GM)2172Colin Northmore2168Darryl Francis(Exp)2159Quentin Baker2154JASON TSANG_WAI_YIN2146DONNA STANTON
3191David Webb(GM)3175Ed Rossiter(Exp)3171Stu Harkness3168Steve{Oxford} Perry3159Orla Judge3153Matthew Pinner3144Karl Kwiatkowski
4189Harshan Lamabadusuriya(GM)4175Elie Dangoor(Exp)4170ANAND BUDDHDEV4167John Ashmore4158Martin Thompson4153Ian Coventry4142Temu Oluku
5189Phil Robertshaw(GM)5174CHRIS VICARY5168Chris Cummins5165Ash Coldrick5157Rick Blakeway5152Anne Ashmore5126CAROLINE MCLAUGHLIN
6189MARK NYMAN(GM)6174Graham Haigh6168James Squires6163James Burley6156Ebi Sosseh6149David Shenkin6117JULIET GREEN
                7155Amy Byrne    7110Tom Bergman

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