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ABSP National Scrabble Championship 2017 Annotated Games

R1 - David Shenkin v Phil Robertshaw
R2 - James Burley v Austin Shin
R3 - Graham Haigh v Elie Dangoor
R4 - David Webb v Mark Nyman
R5 - Harshan Lamabadusuriya v Ed Rossiter
R6 - Ian Coventry v Lewis Mackay
R7 - Wayne Kelly v Rick Blakeway
R8 - John Hardie v Colin Northmore
R9 - Stu Harkness v Chris Cummins
R10 - Lewis Mackay v Austin Shin
R11 - Wayne Kelly v Harshan Lamabadusuriya
R12 - Phil Robertshaw v Martin Thompson
R13 - Graham Haigh v Colin Northmore
R14 - David Webb v Harshan Lamabadusuriya
R15 - Phil Robertshaw v Austin Shin
R16 - Austin Shin v Lewis Mackay
R17 - Harshan Lamabadusuriya v Austin Shin

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