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Oxford 19th Aug 2023

Prize Table

Based on PARTIAL results
Place Prizes
1Division A Rank: 1st£xx 
2Division A Rank: 2nd£xx 
3Division A Rank: 3rd£xx 
4Division A High Rating Change£xxGraham Harding (A14) -145 = 0-145
5Division B Rank: 1st£xx 
6Division B Rank: 2nd£xx 
7Division B Rank: 3rd£xx 
8Division B High Rating Change£xxAnne Connolly (B13) -106 = 0-106
9Division C Rank: 1st£xx 
10Division C Rank: 2nd£xx 
11Division C Rank: 3rd£xx 
12Division C High Rating Change£xxMatthew Rutherford (C10) -50 = 0-50
£xx for the highest-placed newcomer not in the top 3

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