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Festival of Scrabble 2018

Player Rosters

Division ADivision BDivision C
1184Wayne Kelly(GM)1146Moira Conway1115Stany Arnold
2172Natalie Zolty2146David Shenkin2114Maria Marczak
3171John Ashmore3140Temu Oluku3114Viv Beckmann
4164Steve{Oxford} Perry4133Margaret Harkness4112Jack Mitchell
5163Paul Coyle5128Caroline McLaughlin5109Rosemary Wood
6159James Burley6125Geoff Cooper6108Philippa Morris
7153Chris Finlay7124Peter Thorpe797Margaret Leonard-McGhee
8152Chris Harrison8121Rhoda Gray892Alison Holmes
9151Andrew Eames9118Esther Kasket    
10148Anne Ashmore10116Christine Tudge    
11140Stewart Brodie        
12137Nicky Huitson        
13134Tolani Ayo-Awojobi        
14132Michael Holligan        

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