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Festival of Scrabble 2018

Division C High Losses

9411437Viv Beckmann (C3)Stany Arnold (C1)
6409451Margaret Leonard-McGhee (C7)Viv Beckmann (C3)
17407438Rosemary Wood (C5)Stany Arnold (C1)
7399415Jack Mitchell (C4)Stany Arnold (C1)
13398402Rosemary Wood (C5)Stany Arnold (C1)
5395454Stany Arnold (C1)Alison Holmes (C8)
9394429Margaret Leonard-McGhee (C7)Jack Mitchell (C4)
12389402Alison Holmes (C8)Stany Arnold (C1)
4378424Philippa Morris (C6)Rosemary Wood (C5)
12372423Maria Marczak (C2)Viv Beckmann (C3)
4372377Alison Holmes (C8)Margaret Leonard-McGhee (C7)
4371375Viv Beckmann (C3)Jack Mitchell (C4)
8369437Rosemary Wood (C5)Viv Beckmann (C3)
5368396Maria Marczak (C2)Viv Beckmann (C3)
15366390Margaret Leonard-McGhee (C7)Maria Marczak (C2)
5365372Philippa Morris (C6)Margaret Leonard-McGhee (C7)
1364389Stany Arnold (C1)Philippa Morris (C6)
2364474Stany Arnold (C1)Viv Beckmann (C3)
18363373Stany Arnold (C1)Jack Mitchell (C4)
11362403Jack Mitchell (C4)Viv Beckmann (C3)
19360391Maria Marczak (C2)Stany Arnold (C1)
16359365Margaret Leonard-McGhee (C7)Alison Holmes (C8)
19358379Viv Beckmann (C3)Alison Holmes (C8)
14356381Maria Marczak (C2)Philippa Morris (C6)
13356427Alison Holmes (C8)Maria Marczak (C2)
17353364Viv Beckmann (C3)Jack Mitchell (C4)
13344438Viv Beckmann (C3)Margaret Leonard-McGhee (C7)
10344366Margaret Leonard-McGhee (C7)Stany Arnold (C1)
17340349Margaret Leonard-McGhee (C7)Philippa Morris (C6)
8338367Alison Holmes (C8)Jack Mitchell (C4)
7336421Philippa Morris (C6)Maria Marczak (C2)
2334388Alison Holmes (C8)Philippa Morris (C6)
2330397Rosemary Wood (C5)Maria Marczak (C2)
11329350Stany Arnold (C1)Maria Marczak (C2)
18329364Viv Beckmann (C3)Maria Marczak (C2)
11329351Alison Holmes (C8)Margaret Leonard-McGhee (C7)
17329490Alison Holmes (C8)Maria Marczak (C2)
9327342Alison Holmes (C8)Philippa Morris (C6)
15326444Viv Beckmann (C3)Stany Arnold (C1)
3326339Jack Mitchell (C4)Maria Marczak (C2)
15326378Alison Holmes (C8)Philippa Morris (C6)
5324381Jack Mitchell (C4)Rosemary Wood (C5)
6322362Maria Marczak (C2)Alison Holmes (C8)
19322540Philippa Morris (C6)Jack Mitchell (C4)
14322462Margaret Leonard-McGhee (C7)Rosemary Wood (C5)
16321438Rosemary Wood (C5)Viv Beckmann (C3)
16321363Philippa Morris (C6)Maria Marczak (C2)
3320402Philippa Morris (C6)Viv Beckmann (C3)
10319334Rosemary Wood (C5)Alison Holmes (C8)
12318410Margaret Leonard-McGhee (C7)Philippa Morris (C6)
8315433Philippa Morris (C6)Stany Arnold (C1)
18314389Philippa Morris (C6)Rosemary Wood (C5)
10312340Maria Marczak (C2)Jack Mitchell (C4)
2312392Margaret Leonard-McGhee (C7)Jack Mitchell (C4)
12311368Rosemary Wood (C5)Jack Mitchell (C4)
14310396Alison Holmes (C8)Viv Beckmann (C3)
7305321Viv Beckmann (C3)Alison Holmes (C8)
15305416Rosemary Wood (C5)Jack Mitchell (C4)
3304406Alison Holmes (C8)Rosemary Wood (C5)
1301425Margaret Leonard-McGhee (C7)Maria Marczak (C2)
16300489Jack Mitchell (C4)Stany Arnold (C1)
1293424Viv Beckmann (C3)Rosemary Wood (C5)
10292349Philippa Morris (C6)Viv Beckmann (C3)
6286445Stany Arnold (C1)Rosemary Wood (C5)
9285367Maria Marczak (C2)Rosemary Wood (C5)
3283499Margaret Leonard-McGhee (C7)Stany Arnold (C1)
19280367Rosemary Wood (C5)Margaret Leonard-McGhee (C7)
1280341Alison Holmes (C8)Jack Mitchell (C4)
18272435Margaret Leonard-McGhee (C7)Alison Holmes (C8)
11271457Philippa Morris (C6)Rosemary Wood (C5)
13270407Philippa Morris (C6)Jack Mitchell (C4)
7260449Margaret Leonard-McGhee (C7)Rosemary Wood (C5)
14250426Stany Arnold (C1)Jack Mitchell (C4)
8233429Maria Marczak (C2)Margaret Leonard-McGhee (C7)
6231458Philippa Morris (C6)Jack Mitchell (C4)

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