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Festival of Scrabble 2018

Division B High Wins

3518377Moira Conway (B1)Geoff Cooper (B6)
17489251David Shenkin (B2)Margaret Harkness (B4)
11488343Moira Conway (B1)Margaret Harkness (B4)
4484397David Shenkin (B2)Moira Conway (B1)
1477290David Shenkin (B2)Peter Thorpe (B7)
13476383Caroline McLaughlin (B5)Geoff Cooper (B6)
18474369Moira Conway (B1)Temu Oluku (B3)
12473326David Shenkin (B2)Christine Tudge (B10)
5471380Moira Conway (B1)Caroline McLaughlin (B5)
4469428Caroline McLaughlin (B5)Geoff Cooper (B6)
17468308Moira Conway (B1)Esther Kasket (B9)
12468353Temu Oluku (B3)Esther Kasket (B9)
3465265Margaret Harkness (B4)Rhoda Gray (B8)
1462313Caroline McLaughlin (B5)Temu Oluku (B3)
7460316Christine Tudge (B10)Moira Conway (B1)
2456391Geoff Cooper (B6)David Shenkin (B2)
18452342Geoff Cooper (B6)Esther Kasket (B9)
8448357David Shenkin (B2)Margaret Harkness (B4)
9448329David Shenkin (B2)Caroline McLaughlin (B5)
13446390Moira Conway (B1)David Shenkin (B2)
17446344Temu Oluku (B3)Geoff Cooper (B6)
7445404David Shenkin (B2)Temu Oluku (B3)
16441304Rhoda Gray (B8)Esther Kasket (B9)
8441406Christine Tudge (B10)Peter Thorpe (B7)
11440357Esther Kasket (B9)Peter Thorpe (B7)
8439296Moira Conway (B1)Esther Kasket (B9)
8439349Rhoda Gray (B8)Caroline McLaughlin (B5)
7438346Peter Thorpe (B7)Geoff Cooper (B6)
3436289Temu Oluku (B3)Esther Kasket (B9)
13436314Peter Thorpe (B7)Rhoda Gray (B8)
12435366Moira Conway (B1)Geoff Cooper (B6)
2435374Temu Oluku (B3)Rhoda Gray (B8)
6434310Temu Oluku (B3)Christine Tudge (B10)
2434382Caroline McLaughlin (B5)Christine Tudge (B10)
7433384Margaret Harkness (B4)Caroline McLaughlin (B5)
14433349Caroline McLaughlin (B5)Moira Conway (B1)
5431389Esther Kasket (B9)David Shenkin (B2)
6429348Moira Conway (B1)Peter Thorpe (B7)
15429424Peter Thorpe (B7)Moira Conway (B1)
9426313Temu Oluku (B3)Moira Conway (B1)
5426330Peter Thorpe (B7)Temu Oluku (B3)
6424395David Shenkin (B2)Rhoda Gray (B8)
12424331Margaret Harkness (B4)Rhoda Gray (B8)
2423371Moira Conway (B1)Margaret Harkness (B4)
3421414Peter Thorpe (B7)Caroline McLaughlin (B5)
9420331Christine Tudge (B10)Rhoda Gray (B8)
6418348Caroline McLaughlin (B5)Esther Kasket (B9)
11416363Temu Oluku (B3)Rhoda Gray (B8)
8414396Geoff Cooper (B6)Temu Oluku (B3)
13411327Esther Kasket (B9)Christine Tudge (B10)
10409324Margaret Harkness (B4)Esther Kasket (B9)
15409308Margaret Harkness (B4)Geoff Cooper (B6)
18409308Rhoda Gray (B8)Christine Tudge (B10)
10407381Moira Conway (B1)Rhoda Gray (B8)
16407335Peter Thorpe (B7)Geoff Cooper (B6)
4405315Christine Tudge (B10)Esther Kasket (B9)
13404360Temu Oluku (B3)Margaret Harkness (B4)
7399296Esther Kasket (B9)Rhoda Gray (B8)
10398343Temu Oluku (B3)Caroline McLaughlin (B5)
1398332Rhoda Gray (B8)Moira Conway (B1)
15397356Caroline McLaughlin (B5)Esther Kasket (B9)
4396394Temu Oluku (B3)Margaret Harkness (B4)
18394367Margaret Harkness (B4)Peter Thorpe (B7)
16392386Moira Conway (B1)Christine Tudge (B10)
5392383Margaret Harkness (B4)Christine Tudge (B10)
11392363Christine Tudge (B10)Caroline McLaughlin (B5)
14391318Temu Oluku (B3)Peter Thorpe (B7)
15390378Temu Oluku (B3)Christine Tudge (B10)
14390309Christine Tudge (B10)Margaret Harkness (B4)
18389380David Shenkin (B2)Caroline McLaughlin (B5)
1389366Esther Kasket (B9)Margaret Harkness (B4)
3389383Christine Tudge (B10)David Shenkin (B2)
12388353Caroline McLaughlin (B5)Peter Thorpe (B7)
15388320Rhoda Gray (B8)David Shenkin (B2)
19386345Temu Oluku (B3)Moira Conway (B1)
19386355Geoff Cooper (B6)Christine Tudge (B10)
10384378David Shenkin (B2)Peter Thorpe (B7)
4383289Peter Thorpe (B7)Rhoda Gray (B8)
10383232Christine Tudge (B10)Geoff Cooper (B6)
19382302Caroline McLaughlin (B5)Margaret Harkness (B4)
5379346Geoff Cooper (B6)Rhoda Gray (B8)
16377350Margaret Harkness (B4)Caroline McLaughlin (B5)
16376353Temu Oluku (B3)David Shenkin (B2)
17376368Peter Thorpe (B7)Christine Tudge (B10)
14376302Esther Kasket (B9)David Shenkin (B2)
1371362Geoff Cooper (B6)Christine Tudge (B10)
2371312Peter Thorpe (B7)Esther Kasket (B9)
6368277Geoff Cooper (B6)Margaret Harkness (B4)
17367359Rhoda Gray (B8)Caroline McLaughlin (B5)
9365322Margaret Harkness (B4)Peter Thorpe (B7)
14356352Geoff Cooper (B6)Rhoda Gray (B8)
19355350Peter Thorpe (B7)David Shenkin (B2)
11354288David Shenkin (B2)Geoff Cooper (B6)
19344341Esther Kasket (B9)Rhoda Gray (B8)
9343336Esther Kasket (B9)Geoff Cooper (B6)

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