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Festival of Scrabble 2018

Division A High Losses

2463492Michael Holligan (A14)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A13)
9454491James Burley (A6)Natalie Zolty (A2)
13451469Paul Coyle (A5)Natalie Zolty (A2)
12445467Natalie Zolty (A2)Michael Holligan (A14)
10436437Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A13)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1)
4433438Steve{Oxford} Perry (A4)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A13)
14433512Anne Ashmore (A10)Natalie Zolty (A2)
18429447Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1)Stewart Brodie (A11)
8427513Anne Ashmore (A10)Natalie Zolty (A2)
7423444Natalie Zolty (A2)Andrew Eames (A9)
4414425Chris Harrison (A8)Nicky Huitson (A12)
11413424Michael Holligan (A14)John Ashmore (A3)
7411512Paul Coyle (A5)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1)
9408418Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1)Steve{Oxford} Perry (A4)
19408415Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1)John Ashmore (A3)
10407421Natalie Zolty (A2)Steve{Oxford} Perry (A4)
14405420Nicky Huitson (A12)Chris Harrison (A8)
19404407Michael Holligan (A14)Anne Ashmore (A10)
11403412Chris Finlay (A7)Stewart Brodie (A11)
5401408James Burley (A6)Chris Finlay (A7)
15400428Chris Finlay (A7)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A13)
1400490Chris Harrison (A8)Anne Ashmore (A10)
16398414John Ashmore (A3)Paul Coyle (A5)
12398419Paul Coyle (A5)Stewart Brodie (A11)
6397418Steve{Oxford} Perry (A4)James Burley (A6)
1395403Stewart Brodie (A11)John Ashmore (A3)
8394488Chris Finlay (A7)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A13)
3393432Natalie Zolty (A2)Chris Finlay (A7)
16392444Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1)Stewart Brodie (A11)
19391549Chris Harrison (A8)Andrew Eames (A9)
5391407Anne Ashmore (A10)Stewart Brodie (A11)
16391415Anne Ashmore (A10)Nicky Huitson (A12)
18390492Paul Coyle (A5)John Ashmore (A3)
2389436Stewart Brodie (A11)Nicky Huitson (A12)
6388485Michael Holligan (A14)Chris Finlay (A7)
4387465Natalie Zolty (A2)Stewart Brodie (A11)
4387477Michael Holligan (A14)James Burley (A6)
11386440Natalie Zolty (A2)Nicky Huitson (A12)
8386525James Burley (A6)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1)
6384461Chris Harrison (A8)Natalie Zolty (A2)
5383444Steve{Oxford} Perry (A4)Paul Coyle (A5)
16383483Michael Holligan (A14)Chris Harrison (A8)
11381429Andrew Eames (A9)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1)
2380494Natalie Zolty (A2)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1)
17380441Natalie Zolty (A2)Michael Holligan (A14)
2380427Steve{Oxford} Perry (A4)John Ashmore (A3)
13380456James Burley (A6)Andrew Eames (A9)
3379468Paul Coyle (A5)John Ashmore (A3)
18379429Chris Harrison (A8)Natalie Zolty (A2)
11377435Steve{Oxford} Perry (A4)Anne Ashmore (A10)
15377476Paul Coyle (A5)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1)
14376454John Ashmore (A3)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1)
1376542Andrew Eames (A9)Paul Coyle (A5)
8376408Stewart Brodie (A11)Andrew Eames (A9)
5374422Natalie Zolty (A2)John Ashmore (A3)
3374377Anne Ashmore (A10)Michael Holligan (A14)
2373398Chris Finlay (A7)Chris Harrison (A8)
18371388Andrew Eames (A9)James Burley (A6)
17371468Anne Ashmore (A10)Steve{Oxford} Perry (A4)
14370499Michael Holligan (A14)James Burley (A6)
2369442Andrew Eames (A9)Anne Ashmore (A10)
1368443Steve{Oxford} Perry (A4)Michael Holligan (A14)
12368450Anne Ashmore (A10)James Burley (A6)
12368506Nicky Huitson (A12)Steve{Oxford} Perry (A4)
18367412Nicky Huitson (A12)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A13)
10367439Michael Holligan (A14)Stewart Brodie (A11)
1366466Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A13)Natalie Zolty (A2)
17365442Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1)Andrew Eames (A9)
6364367Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1)Stewart Brodie (A11)
8363501Nicky Huitson (A12)John Ashmore (A3)
15363452Michael Holligan (A14)Stewart Brodie (A11)
15361416Anne Ashmore (A10)Chris Harrison (A8)
11359466Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A13)Paul Coyle (A5)
10355448Anne Ashmore (A10)Chris Finlay (A7)
19352475Nicky Huitson (A12)Steve{Oxford} Perry (A4)
13351441Nicky Huitson (A12)Michael Holligan (A14)
14350359Chris Finlay (A7)Stewart Brodie (A11)
19350416Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A13)Natalie Zolty (A2)
7348408James Burley (A6)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A13)
2346471James Burley (A6)Paul Coyle (A5)
12345438Andrew Eames (A9)Chris Finlay (A7)
5345493Michael Holligan (A14)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1)
9343408Chris Harrison (A8)John Ashmore (A3)
15343414Andrew Eames (A9)John Ashmore (A3)
10341454John Ashmore (A3)James Burley (A6)
14340425Steve{Oxford} Perry (A4)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A13)
12340374Chris Harrison (A8)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1)
3340422Stewart Brodie (A11)James Burley (A6)
19340432Stewart Brodie (A11)Paul Coyle (A5)
5340441Nicky Huitson (A12)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A13)
6339515Anne Ashmore (A10)John Ashmore (A3)
1338583Nicky Huitson (A12)James Burley (A6)
17337457Chris Harrison (A8)James Burley (A6)
3336438Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A13)Chris Harrison (A8)
5335505Chris Harrison (A8)Andrew Eames (A9)
18333361Anne Ashmore (A10)Chris Finlay (A7)
7332400Stewart Brodie (A11)Steve{Oxford} Perry (A4)
7331412Chris Harrison (A8)Michael Holligan (A14)
3330413Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1)Nicky Huitson (A12)
8329482Chris Harrison (A8)Steve{Oxford} Perry (A4)
7327447Nicky Huitson (A12)Anne Ashmore (A10)
4326476John Ashmore (A3)Andrew Eames (A9)
4324484Chris Finlay (A7)Paul Coyle (A5)
9324452Nicky Huitson (A12)Chris Finlay (A7)
10323446Nicky Huitson (A12)Andrew Eames (A9)
19321465James Burley (A6)Chris Finlay (A7)
13320475Chris Harrison (A8)Stewart Brodie (A11)
13310353Anne Ashmore (A10)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A13)
15310476Nicky Huitson (A12)Natalie Zolty (A2)
7309442Chris Finlay (A7)John Ashmore (A3)
16309519Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A13)Andrew Eames (A9)
9308475Andrew Eames (A9)Michael Holligan (A14)
17306525Chris Finlay (A7)Nicky Huitson (A12)
4305424Anne Ashmore (A10)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1)
16304386Chris Finlay (A7)Steve{Oxford} Perry (A4)
10304397Chris Harrison (A8)Paul Coyle (A5)
14301540Andrew Eames (A9)Paul Coyle (A5)
17301481Stewart Brodie (A11)Paul Coyle (A5)
16296521Natalie Zolty (A2)James Burley (A6)
13291389John Ashmore (A3)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1)
9290463Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A13)Stewart Brodie (A11)
15286387James Burley (A6)Steve{Oxford} Perry (A4)
6282547Nicky Huitson (A12)Paul Coyle (A5)
17276520Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A13)John Ashmore (A3)
6275482Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A13)Andrew Eames (A9)
11270406James Burley (A6)Chris Harrison (A8)
3267494Steve{Oxford} Perry (A4)Andrew Eames (A9)
18267516Michael Holligan (A14)Steve{Oxford} Perry (A4)
1266523Chris Finlay (A7)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1)
12229495Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A13)John Ashmore (A3)
8212483Michael Holligan (A14)Paul Coyle (A5)

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