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Easter Warm Up Friday 29 and

- Coventry

Division B Round 8 Alphabetic Pairings

12Stany Arnold (B6) repliesRuth MacInerney (B3) starts
10Lisa Atkins (B9) startsEllie Mackin (B1) replies
13June Boagey (B10) repliesGerry Gleeson (B7) starts
13Gerry Gleeson (B7) startsJune Boagey (B10) replies
12Ruth MacInerney (B3) startsStany Arnold (B6) replies
10Ellie Mackin (B1) repliesLisa Atkins (B9) starts
11David Shenkin (B2) repliesPeter Thorpe (B4) starts
14Sue Thompson (B8) startsRichard Woodward (B5) replies
11Peter Thorpe (B4) startsDavid Shenkin (B2) replies
14Richard Woodward (B5) repliesSue Thompson (B8) starts

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