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Broadstairs Seaside Dickensian Special 15th and 16th June 2019

SCROOGE (D) Low Wins

14305275David Holt (D8)Judith Moore (D10)
9323308Claire Violett (D9)June Boagey (D11)
4324314David Holt (D8)Marie Senior (D1)
7333310Judith Moore (D10)Paul{London} Harding (D12)
12336307Angele Andrews (D5)Sydney Berger (D7)
16338333Judith Moore (D10)Claire Violett (D9)
14343243June Boagey (D11)Paul{London} Harding (D12)
12343305Paul{London} Harding (D12)Judith Moore (D10)
8347318Gary Jones (D6)June Boagey (D11)
10347321Paul{London} Harding (D12)June Boagey (D11)
5356320Angele Andrews (D5)Paul{London} Harding (D12)
7358260David Holt (D8)June Boagey (D11)
15359351June Boagey (D11)David Holt (D8)
12360312David Holt (D8)June Boagey (D11)
13360356Judith Moore (D10)June Boagey (D11)
5361322Barbara Morris (D2)David Holt (D8)
6362351Angele Andrews (D5)David Holt (D8)
14362292Sydney Berger (D7)Peter Thorpe (D4)
9368313Barbara Morris (D2)Gary Jones (D6)
2368331Claire Violett (D9)Barbara Morris (D2)
15371287Gary Jones (D6)Claire Violett (D9)
6377366Peter Thorpe (D4)Barbara Morris (D2)
12378377Claire Violett (D9)Barbara Morris (D2)
11379266Barbara Morris (D2)Paul{London} Harding (D12)
1380325Angele Andrews (D5)June Boagey (D11)
9381321Joseph Bennett (D3)David Holt (D8)
6383382Claire Violett (D9)Paul{London} Harding (D12)
6384279Joseph Bennett (D3)Gary Jones (D6)
9384242Angele Andrews (D5)Judith Moore (D10)
15384368Paul{London} Harding (D12)Judith Moore (D10)
15390376Marie Senior (D1)Sydney Berger (D7)
4390372Angele Andrews (D5)Sydney Berger (D7)
7390348Angele Andrews (D5)Barbara Morris (D2)
11391356Gary Jones (D6)David Holt (D8)
3391379June Boagey (D11)Judith Moore (D10)
14392313Joseph Bennett (D3)Angele Andrews (D5)
10392357Angele Andrews (D5)Gary Jones (D6)
11394372Peter Thorpe (D4)Judith Moore (D10)
16394268Sydney Berger (D7)Peter Thorpe (D4)
11395318Angele Andrews (D5)Claire Violett (D9)
2396392June Boagey (D11)Peter Thorpe (D4)
1400353Barbara Morris (D2)Judith Moore (D10)
6401362Sydney Berger (D7)Judith Moore (D10)
16402378David Holt (D8)Barbara Morris (D2)
12403372Peter Thorpe (D4)Joseph Bennett (D3)
5403369Claire Violett (D9)Marie Senior (D1)
10406399Barbara Morris (D2)Marie Senior (D1)
4407282Barbara Morris (D2)June Boagey (D11)
10407343Claire Violett (D9)Judith Moore (D10)
5408361Joseph Bennett (D3)Judith Moore (D10)
8410363Paul{London} Harding (D12)David Holt (D8)
2411264Gary Jones (D6)Paul{London} Harding (D12)
3411385Claire Violett (D9)David Holt (D8)
2412279David Holt (D8)Judith Moore (D10)
3416332Barbara Morris (D2)Joseph Bennett (D3)
3417355Sydney Berger (D7)Gary Jones (D6)
14419367Barbara Morris (D2)Gary Jones (D6)
8424395Sydney Berger (D7)Barbara Morris (D2)
11426379Marie Senior (D1)Sydney Berger (D7)
1426307Peter Thorpe (D4)David Holt (D8)
8427312Joseph Bennett (D3)Angele Andrews (D5)
7428346Joseph Bennett (D3)Marie Senior (D1)
13429274Barbara Morris (D2)Claire Violett (D9)
13429272David Holt (D8)Paul{London} Harding (D12)
13433414Angele Andrews (D5)Peter Thorpe (D4)
5434315Gary Jones (D6)Peter Thorpe (D4)
2437428Sydney Berger (D7)Joseph Bennett (D3)
9439281Sydney Berger (D7)Paul{London} Harding (D12)
16441380Joseph Bennett (D3)Angele Andrews (D5)
3442254Marie Senior (D1)Paul{London} Harding (D12)
3443347Angele Andrews (D5)Peter Thorpe (D4)
12445279Marie Senior (D1)Gary Jones (D6)
6447238Marie Senior (D1)June Boagey (D11)
7447325Peter Thorpe (D4)Sydney Berger (D7)
1448399Marie Senior (D1)Gary Jones (D6)
15449361Peter Thorpe (D4)Barbara Morris (D2)
1449237Sydney Berger (D7)Claire Violett (D9)
14451261Marie Senior (D1)Claire Violett (D9)
10461294Sydney Berger (D7)David Holt (D8)
4465224Peter Thorpe (D4)Paul{London} Harding (D12)
15468383Joseph Bennett (D3)Angele Andrews (D5)
9468300Peter Thorpe (D4)Marie Senior (D1)
16469226Marie Senior (D1)June Boagey (D11)
13470412Joseph Bennett (D3)Sydney Berger (D7)
7472371Gary Jones (D6)Claire Violett (D9)
10484370Peter Thorpe (D4)Joseph Bennett (D3)
13492285Gary Jones (D6)Marie Senior (D1)
4493305Gary Jones (D6)Judith Moore (D10)
5499338Sydney Berger (D7)June Boagey (D11)
2501370Angele Andrews (D5)Marie Senior (D1)
4504467Joseph Bennett (D3)Claire Violett (D9)
16506259Gary Jones (D6)Paul{London} Harding (D12)
8531283Peter Thorpe (D4)Claire Violett (D9)
11543236Joseph Bennett (D3)June Boagey (D11)
1550328Joseph Bennett (D3)Paul{London} Harding (D12)
8552233Marie Senior (D1)Judith Moore (D10)

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