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Broadstairs Seaside Dickensian Special 15th and 16th June 2019

SCROOGE (D) Round 14 Alphabetic Pairings

21Angele Andrews (D5) repliesJoseph Bennett (D3) starts repeat
21Joseph Bennett (D3) startsAngele Andrews (D5) replies repeat
22Sydney Berger (D7) repliesPeter Thorpe (D4) starts repeat
25June Boagey (D11) startsPaul{London} Harding (D12) replies repeat
25Paul{London} Harding (D12) repliesJune Boagey (D11) starts repeat
26David Holt (D8) startsJudith Moore (D10) replies repeat
23Gary Jones (D6) startsBarbara Morris (D2) replies repeat
26Judith Moore (D10) repliesDavid Holt (D8) starts repeat
23Barbara Morris (D2) repliesGary Jones (D6) starts repeat
24Marie Senior (D1) startsClaire Violett (D9) replies repeat
22Peter Thorpe (D4) startsSydney Berger (D7) replies repeat
24Claire Violett (D9) repliesMarie Senior (D1) starts repeat

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