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Broadstairs Seaside Dickensian Special 15th and 16th June 2019


6329316Peter Dolgenos (C6)Marc Meakin (C1)
15342334Alan Abela (C5)Adrienne Berger (C7)
7346285Frankie Latham (C2)Ginny Dixon (C9)
9352344Adrienne Berger (C7)Peter Dolgenos (C6)
6356313Frankie Latham (C2)Rosalind Wilson (C10)
4359335Adrienne Berger (C7)Damian O'Malley (C11)
13359325Ruth Cawsey (C12)Frankie Latham (C2)
4363286Nicky Huitson (C3)Rosalind Wilson (C10)
16370361Alan Abela (C5)Adrienne Berger (C7)
12372367Alan Abela (C5)Adrienne Berger (C7)
9377315Stephen Wintle (C4)Alan Abela (C5)
4379366Stephen Wintle (C4)Peter Dolgenos (C6)
10387363Nicky Huitson (C3)Stewart Brodie (C8)
15390331Stewart Brodie (C8)Rosalind Wilson (C10)
9390321Ginny Dixon (C9)Stewart Brodie (C8)
13391359Damian O'Malley (C11)Rosalind Wilson (C10)
2393338Peter Dolgenos (C6)Ginny Dixon (C9)
9394303Frankie Latham (C2)Nicky Huitson (C3)
1396365Alan Abela (C5)Ginny Dixon (C9)
3397362Damian O'Malley (C11)Ruth Cawsey (C12)
12398256Ruth Cawsey (C12)Damian O'Malley (C11)
8399387Adrienne Berger (C7)Rosalind Wilson (C10)
1400399Frankie Latham (C2)Ruth Cawsey (C12)
13401400Stewart Brodie (C8)Marc Meakin (C1)
11402349Stewart Brodie (C8)Marc Meakin (C1)
2403363Adrienne Berger (C7)Stephen Wintle (C4)
5404339Adrienne Berger (C7)Frankie Latham (C2)
10405298Frankie Latham (C2)Peter Dolgenos (C6)
14405378Rosalind Wilson (C10)Peter Dolgenos (C6)
14406399Frankie Latham (C2)Adrienne Berger (C7)
5407339Peter Dolgenos (C6)Damian O'Malley (C11)
16408396Stephen Wintle (C4)Rosalind Wilson (C10)
6409365Adrienne Berger (C7)Ginny Dixon (C9)
12410284Frankie Latham (C2)Stephen Wintle (C4)
5410405Alan Abela (C5)Nicky Huitson (C3)
9411409Ruth Cawsey (C12)Marc Meakin (C1)
7412399Stewart Brodie (C8)Rosalind Wilson (C10)
1413374Peter Dolgenos (C6)Stewart Brodie (C8)
12414411Marc Meakin (C1)Peter Dolgenos (C6)
16415414Damian O'Malley (C11)Ginny Dixon (C9)
6415375Ruth Cawsey (C12)Nicky Huitson (C3)
3416329Adrienne Berger (C7)Stewart Brodie (C8)
13416357Adrienne Berger (C7)Alan Abela (C5)
11417371Peter Dolgenos (C6)Rosalind Wilson (C10)
2419299Alan Abela (C5)Frankie Latham (C2)
15419414Peter Dolgenos (C6)Damian O'Malley (C11)
7420416Marc Meakin (C1)Alan Abela (C5)
15420363Frankie Latham (C2)Nicky Huitson (C3)
10420316Alan Abela (C5)Rosalind Wilson (C10)
16420346Peter Dolgenos (C6)Stewart Brodie (C8)
14421301Stephen Wintle (C4)Stewart Brodie (C8)
8424394Marc Meakin (C1)Damian O'Malley (C11)
3426392Alan Abela (C5)Peter Dolgenos (C6)
10428426Marc Meakin (C1)Stephen Wintle (C4)
3428376Frankie Latham (C2)Marc Meakin (C1)
4429382Ginny Dixon (C9)Marc Meakin (C1)
15429360Ruth Cawsey (C12)Stephen Wintle (C4)
11431387Alan Abela (C5)Adrienne Berger (C7)
14432404Nicky Huitson (C3)Ginny Dixon (C9)
5432390Stewart Brodie (C8)Ruth Cawsey (C12)
1432370Rosalind Wilson (C10)Stephen Wintle (C4)
11432346Ruth Cawsey (C12)Stephen Wintle (C4)
8433278Nicky Huitson (C3)Peter Dolgenos (C6)
1434413Damian O'Malley (C11)Nicky Huitson (C3)
6436266Stephen Wintle (C4)Stewart Brodie (C8)
11437403Nicky Huitson (C3)Ginny Dixon (C9)
10438328Adrienne Berger (C7)Ruth Cawsey (C12)
14439238Marc Meakin (C1)Damian O'Malley (C11)
4441324Alan Abela (C5)Ruth Cawsey (C12)
7442359Damian O'Malley (C11)Stephen Wintle (C4)
15445268Ginny Dixon (C9)Marc Meakin (C1)
3447278Stephen Wintle (C4)Nicky Huitson (C3)
8447390Alan Abela (C5)Stewart Brodie (C8)
13448373Nicky Huitson (C3)Stephen Wintle (C4)
2450337Nicky Huitson (C3)Marc Meakin (C1)
14452432Alan Abela (C5)Ruth Cawsey (C12)
16454374Marc Meakin (C1)Nicky Huitson (C3)
6455311Alan Abela (C5)Damian O'Malley (C11)
2457339Rosalind Wilson (C10)Ruth Cawsey (C12)
8458420Frankie Latham (C2)Stephen Wintle (C4)
8462366Ruth Cawsey (C12)Ginny Dixon (C9)
1464384Adrienne Berger (C7)Marc Meakin (C1)
11467319Frankie Latham (C2)Damian O'Malley (C11)
12472359Ginny Dixon (C9)Rosalind Wilson (C10)
9476350Rosalind Wilson (C10)Damian O'Malley (C11)
13478322Ginny Dixon (C9)Peter Dolgenos (C6)
7485288Adrienne Berger (C7)Nicky Huitson (C3)
5487321Marc Meakin (C1)Rosalind Wilson (C10)
12499308Nicky Huitson (C3)Stewart Brodie (C8)
4504438Stewart Brodie (C8)Frankie Latham (C2)
3515288Ginny Dixon (C9)Rosalind Wilson (C10)
7515341Ruth Cawsey (C12)Peter Dolgenos (C6)
10519368Damian O'Malley (C11)Ginny Dixon (C9)
16528352Ruth Cawsey (C12)Frankie Latham (C2)
5555402Stephen Wintle (C4)Ginny Dixon (C9)
2635298Stewart Brodie (C8)Damian O'Malley (C11)

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