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Broadstairs Seaside Dickensian Special 15th and 16th June 2019

MICAWBER (C) Round 2 Alphabetic Pairings

15Alan Abela (C5) repliesFrankie Latham (C2) starts
17Adrienne Berger (C7) startsStephen Wintle (C4) replies
19Stewart Brodie (C8) repliesDamian O'Malley (C11) starts
20Ruth Cawsey (C12) repliesRosalind Wilson (C10) starts
18Ginny Dixon (C9) repliesPeter Dolgenos (C6) starts
18Peter Dolgenos (C6) startsGinny Dixon (C9) replies
16Nicky Huitson (C3) repliesMarc Meakin (C1) starts
15Frankie Latham (C2) startsAlan Abela (C5) replies
16Marc Meakin (C1) startsNicky Huitson (C3) replies
19Damian O'Malley (C11) startsStewart Brodie (C8) replies
20Rosalind Wilson (C10) startsRuth Cawsey (C12) replies
17Stephen Wintle (C4) repliesAdrienne Berger (C7) starts

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